Food List for Diabetics: Be Aware of What You Consume

you can eat broccoli, Food List for Diabetics

Diabetes is condition when your body cannot control the blood sugar level. It is a serious condition because it can create some complications. When we talk about diabetes, things that you consume may become one of the biggest factors that can influence your blood sugar level besides hereditary and lifestyle factor. You need to be aware of what you consume. There are some foods that can potentially increase you blood sugar level. It seemed that you are limited by your condition. However, there are many foods beyond of your imagination that are good to be consumed by diabetics. Some of them may not have any direct effects to blood sugar, but they provide other health benefits for our body and at least they will not make your blood sugar level raise. Therefore, you need to know food list for diabetics. We are going to discus some foods that can be a good option for diabetics.

you can use food list for diabetics


Baked sweet potato is food list for diabetics

You need carbohydrate to energize your body. Besides proteins and fat, carbohydrate can produce energy that is needed by your body. However, carbohydrates also contain glucose that becomes one of biggest factors in diabetes. Therefore, we need to consume and manage carbohydrate well and wisely. There are some foods that can be good options to be added in food list for diabetics. Whole grains, such as brown rice and oatmeal can be the best options for you who suffer from diabetes.

Brown rice and oatmeal will provide carbohydrate, but they contain very limited glucose. Oatmeal is very good source of fiber. Fiber is very good for digestive and blood sugar control. Fiber will slow down the process of converting carbohydrates into blood sugar. Baked sweet potato can be also a good option for you to get carbohydrate. Although it is sweet, it doesn’t contain too much glucose.


you can eat broccoli, Food List for Diabetics

Vegetables are also good for you body. It is a good source of fiber, antioxidants and other nutrition that are needed by our body. It is recommended that we consume fresh vegetables. You can eat raw vegetables or you may steam, roast, or grill them lightly. Avoid consuming canned vegetables, because it may contain a lot of sodium.

There are some vegetables that are good for controlling blood sugar. Broccoli is one example of them. Broccoli is a type vegetable that rich in fiber and antioxidants. Even, it also contains vitamin C. For diabetic, broccoli is recommended because it also contains chromium which takes an important part in long-term blood sugar control.  Broccoli definitely become one of food list for diabetics


avocado is food list for diabetics

Apple and Avocado may become two types of fruit that are really good for diabetics. Apple is rich in fiber and antioxidants, but low in calories. It will help you to manage your diet and control the blood sugar. Avocado is also very good fruits for diabetics because it can slow down the digestion and prevent the blood sugar to rise after a meal.


fish is food list for diabetics

There are some foods that can be good option to get protein with a low-level sugar. Beans, nuts, seeds, fish, seafood, chicken, and egg are some good protein source that diabetics can consume. The protein that is contained in each foods plays a very important role in controlling the blood sugar.

Those are some foods that can be a good option for you who suffer from diabetes. You need to be aware about the foods and the content of the food. By knowing the content you manage your diet and control you blood sugar well. Hopefully, those foods can be a good reference for you in arranging food list for diabetics.

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