Is There A Generic For Januvia ?

Diabetes is a kind of disease which cause and influence to other health problems. There are some types of diabetes mellitus, type 1 and type 2. The patients of diabetes might be really familiar with Januvia. Have you ever heard about Januvia before? Is there a generic for Januvia? Well, here, we are going to tell you more about it below.

What is Januvia?

Januvia is a kind of medicine. This oral drug is used to treat the diabetes mellitus type 2. This drug is manufactured by the popular company, Merck and Co. This medicine contains of sitagliptin, the active ingredient. And this medicine helps to reach up the production of insulin in which insulin is used to carry all of the glucose from our blood to the body cells. This medicine cannot be consumed by the patients of diabetes mellitus type 1.  This medicine is the patent diabetes drug, but many people always curious about is there a generic for Januvia.

What is the function of Januvia?

Januvia has a lot of function to decrease the high blood sugar level. I can be used to control the level of the blood sugar. Sometimes, this medicine is combined with other kinds of diabetes drugs to prevent the risk of high blood sugar. By consuming this medicine, you can prevent the appearance of some serious health problems, such as: heart attacks, the damage of the kidney, the problems of your nerve and even stroke. Januvia can show the best result for the one who also do diet program and even do a lot of exercise to reduce their blood sugar level. Then, is there a generic for Januvia?

Is there a generic for Januvia?

Do you know about generic drug? It is a kind of substandard medicine which is made from the other company (not the real manufacturer), because the drug has expired date of the patent period. Many people might find this kind of medicine because of the lower price, but it can be really dangerous for the healthy body if you find it before the availability.

Then, if you ask about is there a generic for Januvia? I will definitely say no for the legal one and say yes for the illegal. But, sometimes people can find the generic online without knowing about the right standard whether the medicine is dangerous or not. Don’t ever try to buy the generic drugs before its approval available. If you buy the sale of the Januvia generic drug online, you must be really careful. It has no brand names, and it might cause the bad effects to your body.

Januvia expires in 2017 or this year. There are some manufacturers or companies which try to produce the Januvia as the brand from their companies. But, people need to wait the availability for get the right generic Januvia on this year. It can be declared soon to get the generic of Januvia which might give similar result for solving the diabetes mellitus type 2.

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