How to Prepare No Sugar Added Pasta Sauce

For diabetics and diet performers who try to zero out carb and sugar consumption, spaghetti and all kinds of pasta often become their notorious sirens. Their taste and aroma are beguiling and irresistible but their high carb content as well as the sugar content of their sauce are the biggest foes for both diabetics and dieters. If you are a pasta lover who has told yourself to avoid sugar due to whatever reason, now you don’t actually have to suppress your hankering very severely because there is always a way to get no sugar added pasta sauce and to satisfy your craving.

Your delicious no sugar added pasta sauce

How to Get No Sugar Added Pasta Sauce

There are two ways to procure no sugar added pasta sauce. You can either buy it or make it on your own using our exclusive sugar-free pasta sauce recipes. Low-carb pasta and sugar-free sauce are available in many food stores, be they local or online.

You don’t necessarily have to visit stores that specifically sell healthy foods because even ordinary restaurants and groceries are selling them.

Online shopping is obviously the more convenient way to get the pasta and the sauce because of the convenient online searching tools that are already available in your disposal and because you can get what you are looking for from the convenience of your home.

Low-carb pastas, such as shirataki pasta, are generally made more from vegetables than from grains while sugar-free sauces are either salty instead of sweet or including natural ingredients with natural sweetness that can replace that of sugar. If you decide to prepare your own pasta sauce, you will know what those ingredients are.

No Sugar Added Pasta Sauce Recipes

Recipes are useful if you decide to prepare your own no sugar added pasta sauce. Here are a number of recipes that you can use to prepare sugarless delicious sauce for your pasta.

Pepper Sauce

Pepper sauce tastes great, sugar-free and is rich in fiber and vitamin C, making it a perfect pasta sauce not only for diabetics, but also for everyone who wishes to avoid sugar and fat and to supply healthy nutrients to their body. The sauce is made by blending in a mixer a sautéed mixture of red bell peppers, salt, garlic, balsamic vinegar, basil, and olive oil.

Dijon Sauce

Dijon mustard tastes and smells rather unusual with its tangy aroma; however, when mixed with any dishes, not only pasta, it will give a strong taste that will surely make your tongue dance. This sauce is also low in fat, calorie and sugar, so if you want to avoid sugar, you will love this sauce. To make this sauce, you need to mix Dijon mustard with dry white wine and low-fat sour cream.

Sugar-free Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce has always been the best pairing for pasta. To make it sugarless, prepare crushed tomatoes, diced onions, diced garlics, diced mushrooms, salt, oregano, and basil leaves. Cook all of those ingredients in hot olive oil on a frying pan and bring the mixture to a boil. Afterwards, add browned and drained hamburger meat to complete the mixture. Your delicious no sugar added pasta sauce is ready for serving.

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