The Lantus Solostar Side Effects

Lantus Solostar side effects may cause serious health issues. Lantus is insulin glargine product made for people with diabetes. Insulin is a natural substance that allows the body to use sugar in your daily diet. This medicine replaces your body’s insulin that is no longer produced, so it can lower your blood sugar which certainly can prevent you from the possibility of kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, and loss of limbs. Controlling blood sugar levels can also help prevent sexual function problems. Proper diabetes control can also reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

you have concerns about Lantus Solostar side effects.
Lantus Solostar Side Effects

Function and use of Lantus Solostar

Lantus is a drug commonly used with proper dietary patterns and physical exercise programs to control blood sugar levels. This drug is intended for patients with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependence) and type 2 diabetes patients. This drug is a man made remedy that looks similar to human insulin. And this drug works faster and does not last as long as ordinary insulin.

Do not inject this medicine cold because it will hurt. The place to put this medicine should be located or stored at room temperature (see the storage rules). Wash your hands before measuring and injecting this medicine. Before treatment, check your product to see if there is any foreign substance or discoloration. If any of these are present, do not use this medicine. This drug should be clear and colorless. To avoid drug damage, do not shake the storage bottle of this drug.

Side effects due to misuse

The dose of this drug can be determined based on your health condition and the body’s response to treatment. Prevent the dose with caution as a slight dose change can affect your blood sugar levels. If you use a cartridge or other device in drug injection, place the screen pointer upwards so that you can see clearly, if you point the screen down, you may be mistaking the number of drug injections.

Most people who take this drug have no serious side effects, but some are noticed of having side effects such itching, redness, swelling, or even pain. The effects disappear in a few moments (days or weeks) depend on how bad it is.

Hypoglycemia is can be experienced by those who had too much insulin. Less number of calories will also cause the abnormal blood sugar rate. It can be controlled by using sugar or glucose tablets. The consumption of the sugar or glucose tablets must be controlled strictly. Meanwhile, less insulin is something bad though. Less dose of insulin may cause high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are dangerous for diabetic people. Those will lead to worse health condition; some are fatal. Another side effect of Lantus is hypokalemia. Hypokalemia happens when the blood contains low potassium levels.

The late treatment of the side effects leads to serious allergic reaction. Not everyone has this side effect. There may be some side effects not mentioned above. Ask for advice from doctor or pharmacist if you have concerns about Lantus Solostar side effects.

Sleep Number or TempurPedic: Which One Is The Best?

Sleep Number or TempurPedic? Many people may experience difficulty when going to buy one of these mattresses. Actually you do not need to be confused because basically the two brands have the same quality and innovation; each of course has features that are not owned by another brand. Both Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic, generally, are health mattresses. Those mattresses are designed to support your body perfectly so you will have a good sleep quality.

Sleep Number or Tempurpedic in 2017

The relationship between sleep quality and health

You may have felt pain in some parts of the body when you wake up. Neck, arms, and waist are the parts of the body that most often experience pain due to improper sleep position or poor quality mattress. Sleep is a time when your body will rest and do “recharge”. This activity is important and very influential in your activities the next day.

Both Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic are mattresses that can provide the best sleep quality; sleep you may never have experienced before. These mattresses are equipped with technology that allows you to adjust your position as comfortable as possible (only when you are awake). Poor sleep quality due to errors in choosing a mattress can result in bone abnormalities, increased blood pressure, and dizziness.

Tips in choosing mattress

Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic certainly promise good quality, but we never really know how good actually they are. Many consumers simply choose something comfortable; some do not really care or have no knowledge about how mats may affect their health. Collecting valuable information from others or from the brand itself is a first important step. The information you would like to be collected are about the quality along with the durability, features, and obviously the price.

Here are tips that you can make consideration before buying mattress Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic:

  1. Choose a mat with a well-known brand and has proven its quality. Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic have a good reputation and are well known to the public; certainly an indication of the quality of the products – the products issued.

  2. Choose a mattress that comes with a high-quality fabric layer and has an anti dust / dust mite feature. Outer layer of Sleep Number and Tempur Pedic is made of a very comfortable material and of course is equipped with anti-mite. Feature anti-mites is an important thing that must be owned by the mattress because the dead skin cells of humans are released during sleep is food for mites so that it can live and stay in the mat.

  3. Try the mattress before buying. Trying a mat is something people-will-not-do. There are many reasons for customers to avoid the process. In fact, the factories provide one or two of their mat on the display as sample(s) and those are allowed to be tested by the potential customers.

  4. Choose a mattress with high spring quality and have the latest technology. A good spring will provide good support for the spine so that the mattress users will wake up comfortably without back pain.

Choose a mattress with full features to suit your needs. The latest Sleep Number or Tempurpedic technology combines springs with other layers such as latex, memory foam, and so on for added comfort without sacrificing the ergonomic backbone health factor.

Gluten Free Slider Buns for non-Celiac People

Gluten free slider buns and gluten-free food products are for those who have problems with gluten protein. If you do not experience the condition, you should not need to consume gluten-free food products. There are no special effects or benefits that you will receive. Just like products made for certain other consumers, gluten free products also have a more expensive price than regular products.

 Gluten Free Slider Buns for  non Celiac human

The definition of Gluten

Gluten is a substance contained, generally, in wheat. This substance is a protein that is binding air so this substance has a big role in the process of making slider buns. If you see a food that has a gluten-free or gluten-free packaging means that the food does not contain gluten protein.

Slider buns containing whole grains have the benefit of lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, the nutritional content of the free-gluten slider buns product is also less than the ordinary sliders you usually use for your burgers. You will only get a small amount of calcium, vitamin B, magnesium, fiber, zinc, and iron in the gluten free sliders you consume; but that substance is a very important substance for the human body.

Essentially, foods containing gluten are foods derived or made from grains. Some foods containing gluten are barley, wheat, rye, several kinds of beer, cakes, wafers, cereals, pasta, sauces, salad spices, soy sauce, bread, oats that are not labeled “Gluten-free”, and vitamins or drugs contains gluten.

Celiac or gluten intolerance

For those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, taking regular slider buns can trigger side effects. Celiac disease is an autoimmune problem. The immune system of celiacians regards gluten as a threat to the body. When the patient is taking gluten, the lining of the small intestine is attacked so that the body cannot absorb the nutrients it needs. Side effects that appear in people with celiac disease include:

  1. Bloated
  2. Stomach ache
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Weight loss
  5. Can inhibit the growth of children!
  6. Often feel tired

While the possible complications are:

  1. Iron deficiency
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Lack of folate and vitamin B12
  4. Weight baby at birth less
  5. The likelihood of colon cancer

For those who do not have celiac disease but are sensitive enough to foods containing gluten protein, then that person has gluten intolerance. Side effects that may occur in patients with gluten intolerant are, among others, approximately the same as celiac disease, only, without any damage to the small intestine.

Some researchers say there is no evidence of sensitivity to gluten in certain people. The symptoms that arise are believed to be due to the content of other substances besides gluten. Some people believe that the consumption of gluten free products can help you lose weight and be healthy, but you should consult a nutritionist before starting this diet (unless you have celiac or are sensitive to gluten). Avoiding or reducing certain types of food is necessary; as long as it is necessary and in accordance with our health condition. Consumption of gluten free slider buns on non-celiac is allowed, but you should not avoid it because slider buns contain many good nutrients for your body.

Accuracy Relion Ultima Test Strips

Relion Ultima test strips are a glucometer. Glucometer is a blood glucose screening tool that can be used independently by people with diabetes. This tool has an invasive nature so there is the possibility of causing discomfort.

Some diabetics may still hesitate to use this tool because the price is quite expensive, but many other patients who already use this tool when they know the importance of information about blood sugar levels for a diabetic.

 using Relion Ultima test strips

This tool helps detect the condition of blood sugar levels are too low (hypoglycemia) and blood sugar levels are too high (hyperglycemia). Both these extreme conditions are as much as possible not experienced by people with diabetes. This tool will assist patients or other family members to monitor blood glucose levels to not less than 55 mg / dL (hypoglycemia) or more than 250 mg / dL (hyperglycemia).

The advantage of using Relion Ultima test strips

1.   By monitoring blood glucose will help in food planning, activity, and use of insulin. In addition, testing can be useful to provide immediate action when high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). If blood sugar is low, it is necessary to get a glucose intake from foods that are quickly processed by the body.

2.   Blood sugar levels may also drop to drop, which is caused by too much heavy activity, so it can be a consideration in regulating the activity.

3.   If blood sugar is high, it is necessary to observe a sugary diet that is observed until blood sugar levels fall near normal levels. More sports also need to be done. For people who already use insulin it can be used as a benchmark of usage.

Blood glucose is defined as a sugar contained in the blood that is formed from carbohydrates in food and stored as glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles. Normally blood sugar levels range from 70 to 126 mg / dL (fasting), 180 mg / dl (after meals), and about 144 mg / dl (night).

However, sugar levels may increase after eating and decrease in the morning. A person is said to have hyperglycemia when blood sugar levels are above normal, whereas hypoglycemia is a condition in which a person experiences a decrease in blood sugar values below normal.

Generally, someone is said to have Diabetes, if the blood glucose test reaches 126 mg / dl or even more (for those who fast) and between 140 mg / dL and 200 mg / dL or more (not fasting).

Accuracy of glucometer

Relion is a glucometer that you can buy online or at a pharmacy. This tool uses a refillable strip that we can buy at a pharmacy or healthcare store; similar to the pregnancy test. How to use it is very easy and everyone can use it. The question is how accurate the tool is and how to use this personal blood sugar check tool correctly.

As a personal tool, the accuracy of Relion Ultima or other glucometer is not as accurate as a test device in a hospital, but Relion is a glucometer that has better accuracy than other similar glucometers. Relion Ultima test strips also require re-calibration that you can do 5 or 10 times usage to optimize the accuracy of this tool.

Healthy Low Calorie Coffee Creamer Alternative

Low calorie coffee creamer can be the guardian angel of you especially if you are a coffee addict. Adding creamer on the coffee will definitely give another delicious taste on it. But do you know if the sugary creamer can be bad for you? Well, if that is what you do in years then I think you have major upgrade on it. You are still able to add the creamer on your coffee but these options will be healthier.

healthy low calorie coffee creamer

By swapping your regular creamer with low calorie coffee creamer, you will get healthier coffee on each of your morning without have to sacrifice the taste. Besides the fewer calories provided by these creamer alternatives, it also allows you to have the creamy texture just like what you get every day. So, keep reading.


The first healthy alternative for your coffee creamer is the butter. It will give you the creamy texture and delicious taste on your coffee. And I strongly recommend you to add the healthy fat in it like the butter of grass-fed. Hush Destination’s Brittany Poole who has specialization on vacations of digital detox also explains her favorite of coffee combo.

Putting the coffee creamer which means the extra fat will help your body to slowly respond the caffeine flow. It is really helpful to make you stay focus in the morning without experiencing the crash. Butter in black coffee tastes better than latte after all.

Cacao butter

Maybe a slice of butter in the morning coffee is just not your thing. But you can also try the cacao butter which will give you the taste of chocolate. You can but cacao butter from health store nearby. Small chunk of it will give different taste in your coffee. But make sure you put the small chunk of it when your coffee is still hot.

The fat will melt and then you can mix it in order to create coffee with a bit chocolate taste in your morning. A teaspoon of cocoa powder will work better if you like stronger taste of chocolate.

Egg yolks

Some people would immediately reject this option even before they try it. So, you better try it before you judge it. Egg yolk is going to provide the creamy texture with flavorful creamer on you morning coffee. Other than that, this thing offers huge health benefit to your body. If you are not sure to consume raw egg yolk then you can choose the pasteurized option. Besides, whip cream is also made by this as one of the whole ingredients.


Honey is commonly associated with tea. However, honey will create great texture as well as yummy flavor on your morning coffee. You also have replaced sugar in your coffee which is the good news. You just need to put two tablespoons or less of honey in your morning coffee. Americans consume 20 teaspoons of sugar on each day. Replacing it with sugar will be a bold way to cut that unhealthy habit. This will be a tasteful and healthy low calorie coffee creamer.

Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free for Lose Weight Diet and Diabetics

Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free is marketed as an alternative for healthy breakfast and this product is suitable for diabetics. It is a milk product that is rich in nutritious things in it. Besides, this product will also allow you to get out with satisfy tummy even though you are on the go, considering the time needed for making this milk is very quick.

 read the label on the box of Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free

Other than this is good for diabetics Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free can also help you to lose weight, especially if you have health issue like overweight. This milk can be the replacement for a meal or two in a day. But I will strongly recommend you to discuss this thing with your doctor, in case you have other health concern. But basically, this product is enough to keep your tummy full at least until lunch.

Calories in Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free

So, it is possible to lose weight by consuming this product. But it means that you will include the calories from your diet plan with reduced-calorie of each drink. Basically, one portion or serving of this product mixed with one cup of milk (non-fat) will give you 150 calories. Meanwhile, the ready-to-go type will give you 240 calories per serving and 220 calories for powder version with chocolate flavor. In general speaking, a person can lose weight in safe way by taking calories as many as 1,200 calories up to 1,500 calories in a day. By that, one serving of this drink will cover 15 up to 20% from your daily needs of calories.

No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast and fiber intake

No Sugar Added Carnation Instant breakfast contains great amount of fiber. Each serving provides 4 grams of fiber while other drinks which are supposed to replace the meal contain no fiber. When it comes to weight loss, fiber is the first thing that will help you to achieve it. It controls the hunger by keeping you full which is essential for the obese people.

Based on the research in 2015, putting fiber on your diet plan will help you to lose weight effectively. Just remember that obesity can lead to other serious diseases that could put your life in harm.

Tips and suggestions

Well, you can make your own healthy drink by using this product. The powder version can be mixed with several different liquids like almond, coconut, or soy milk which will vary the flavor of the beverage. If you are into creamer then you can try to substitute it with nut butter since it also contains healthy fat and protein as well. You are allowed to add some fruit toppings like mangoes, berries, and bananas considering the taste and the fiber intake from those fruits are high. But it is better to pay attention to the calorie intake since anything you add in it will increase the amount of calories as well.

This meal-replacement is not for everyone. If you have certain allergic reaction then you better read the label on the box of Carnation Instant Breakfast Sugar Free.

Can Acid Reflux Cause Diarrhea?

Can acid reflux cause diarrhea ? Let’s check it together. Before we talk more and more about this, let’s review what acid reflux first. Having acid reflux is common. The sign is heartburn—the burning pain that is felt around the chest. The cause is the acid in the stomach that flow to the food pipe. If the acid reflux happens more than two times in a week, this turns to be Gastroesophagal reflux. See the explanation about acid reflux to review below.

 the article about Can acid reflux cause diarrhea

How to treat Acid Reflux

People having acid reflux will be prescribed antacids by their doctor. Antacids contain sodium bicarbonate, aluminum, magnesium hydroxide, and calcium carbonate. The form can be liquid and tablets. This is good to reduce the pain and the acidity in the stomach. However, antacids can slow the absorption of nutrients. If you consume too much of antacids, you will tend to have nutrient deficiencies.

The Connection between Acid Reflux and Diarrhea

Experts say that the cause of Acid Reflux can be psychological condition and can be real, so it is possible to cause diarrhea. Although the connection is not really clear, but experts believe that there is a very strong connection between diarrhea and acid reflux.

So, now we can answer the question “ Can acid reflux cause diarrhea ?” The answer is yes. All we have to do to deal with this health problem is try to stay healthy.

How to maintain digestive health

This is not that easy to keep our digestive system great. Like mentioned before, psychological condition also can cause problems. So, all we can do is consume anything with high level of fiber. Green-leafy vegetables and fruits are great to help maintain our digestive system. Below are kinds of foods and drinks that are good and bad for digestive health.

Drinks and Foods to avoid

  • Liquor
  • Coffee
  • Colas
  • Citrus fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Spicy foods
  • Garlic and onions
  • Fatty and fried foods
  • Lactose and fructose
  • Tomato-based foods.

The Best Food to Consume

  • Oatmeal. This is good to consume since only small portion of oatmeal can make you feel full. You know that if the stomach is full, there will be a lot of pressure inside and the acid reflux will come right away.
  • Bananas. They are low in acid and contain Potassium.
  • Celery. This food contains high water with no calories. People tend to eat much should consume this food since it is suppressant.
  • Egg whites. They are low in acid and contain much protein.
  • Skinless poultry. Poultry is of course good in Protein. However the skin is fatty. So, skinless poultry is a must, and the way you cook is significant. Just boil, steam, bake, and grill.

So, what do you think? Avoiding foods and drinks that can cause acid reflux, managing your psychological condition, and living the life positively are good to make you healthier. Hopefully the article about Can acid reflux cause diarrhea will be beneficial to you.

The Costco Blood Pressure Monitor – The Best One to Choose

People with high blood pressure who concern of their health probably have Costco Blood Pressure Monitor. What is so special about it? Before we talk more and more about that, we should know why people with high blood pressure need to have blood pressure monitor. This is to help their health care provider monitor the medicine and treatment given.

Kinds of Costco Blood Pressure Monitor

However, we need to know that the blood pressure monitor isn’t as the substitution of the visit to doctors. Don’t ever stop the medication even if the blood pressure is lower or turns normal without the doctor’s advice.

If you wonder of how to choose the best blood pressure monitor, see the explanation below first :

Kinds of Costco Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Manual. With this monitor, you will be able to listen to pulse. This is so accurate and reasonable in price. However, it is not easy to use so you need practice more.
  • Semi-Automatic. With stethoscope and screen, you will have more accurate result clearly. This kind of device is more expensive than the manual one, but it can track the result of the blood pressure over and over.
  • Wrist-Finger Blood Pressure Monitor. This device is used simply by placing it to your finger or wrist. However, it’s not as accurate as the automatic one although the price is almost the same with the automatic one.
  • Modern Blood Pressure Monitor. This digital monitor will help you track your blood pressure result since it has memory. It can be connected to your smart phone and computer to see and store the readings. This device is relatively expensive and takes time to be able to use it. However, the instruction to use is easy and simple.

Now you know the kinds of blood pressure monitor from Costco. Before making up your mind, it is better if you read the tips below:

  • The blood pressure monitors you choose has to be clinically validated.
  • If you want the automatic one, you should choose the one to put in the upper arm. It gives more accurate and more consistent result.
  • The automatic blood pressure is completed with cuff. Make sure the cuff fits your upper arms best. Why is this so important? The loose one won’t give accurate result.

Since blood pressure is one of the markers to show our health, those tend to have high blood pressure no doubt should have it. Whether the result is good or not, high blood pressure sufferers still need to go to their doctor. Generally, the device will have three parts: the stethoscope, gauge, and the cuff. When you have bought the Costco Blood Pressure Monitor, you may have to do the things below.


  • If you have used the device but if your heartbeat is abnormal, you should go to your physician.
  • You need to tell your health provider about the monitor you buy. This will help you and the health provider take care about your health easily.

So, what do you think? After reading this article about Costco Blood Pressure Monitor, hopefully you will be more aware in the importance of taking care of your health.

What is Lactose Free Milk? Do You Know?

What is lactose free milk, do you know? Your simple answer may be a kind of milk that doesn’t contain of lactose. Lactose, as we know is the sugar in milk that needs lactase enzyme that normal people secretes. Some people have only small amount of lactase that they cannot digest the sugar of milk normally. So, they need lactose-free milk.

the article about what is lactose free milk

However, you cannot mixed-up between lactose intolerance and milk allergy. People allergic to milk will react negatively to one or more of the proteins in milk. People with milk allergy may react differently to milk and they will probably have stomach discomfort, hives, and full-fledged swelling.

Some people can even die because of milk. People intolerant to milk will suffer from digestive discomfort and diarrhea. They cannot break down lactose. So, what are benefits of lactose-free milk?

The best things about lactose-free milk

  • It is digestible. It won’t fill the bowels with gas or excess fluid. It will ease the bloating and diarrhea. Those with Crohn’s disease should consume this kind of milk.
  • It can ease Colic. Like milk, lactose-free milk contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so it is good for your baby with colic. The colic will be gone, and your baby will still be healthy with this lactose-free milk.
  • If in some reasons, women cannot breastfeed their baby, the lactose-free milk is the best choice, especially if the baby has colic. The baby and the mothers can both consume lactose-free milk. So, the development of the baby’s teeth, muscles and bone will be great.

By knowing those things mentioned before, people with lactose intolerance won’t be worried of not having strong bones, teeth, and muscles anymore. If you still wonder of how people make lactose-free milk, here are the ways.

How is lactose-free milk made?

  • People can make lactose-free milk by adding enzyme lactase to milk. However, the enzyme still exists, so it needs to be pasteurized to make the enzyme inactive.
  • People also can make lactose-free milk by passing milk over lactase. Here, the milk contains galactose and sugar glucose still, but the enzyme is gone.
  • To separate lactose from milk, people can do ultra-filtration technique and membrane fractionation. This is a complete process of removing the sugar.

What is lactose free milk? Surely, you are more well-informed about this kind of milk now. What else should we know about lactose-free milk?

More about Lactose-free milk

The taste of lactose-free milk is different from the regular one. The taste is sweeter than the regular one although the sugar in the milk is cut.  This is because the taste receptors make the galactose and the glucose sweeter than lactose. The one processed in ultra-pasteurization tastes so different because of the extra heat in the preparation. Can we make our own lactose milk? Yes. Below is the way to do it.

Home-made lactose-free milk

All you have to do is just add lactase into milk. The amount of lactose-free milk depends on how much lactase you add and how long the process is. The full process takes twenty-four hours. The length of the process also depends of the level of allergy. If you are not really allergic, the length of the process can be decreased. It is great if the article about what is lactose free milk makes you more aware of your health.

The Blue Diamond Almond Flour Consumption—the Way to Maintain Our Health

Have you ever tried the Blue Diamond Almond Flour to bake cakes? If the answer is yes, then you are smart in choosing the best thing for your life. What do you know about Almond Flour? This is a kind of flavorful and fine flour that is delicious, moist and easy to use.

This flour is of course made from almond. The taste is good and also nutritious. Besides for cakes, people usually use it for hot cereals, smoothies, and bread crumb coatings. People also love Almond Flour since it’s gluten-free. People doing carbohydrate diet will choose this kind of flour.

 a quarter cup of the Blue Diamond Almond Flour

Bakers will choose Almond Flour if they want to bake without grains. Those wanting to have healthy and beautiful skin also will love Almond Flour for a cup of Almond Flour containing ninety almonds is enough for daily Vitamin E consumption.

Let’s see more about Almond Flour that is great for health.

Why people who concern about their health love consuming the Blue Diamond Almond Flour

  • This kind of flour helps manage blood sugar for diabetes. Experts have proved that almond can decrease levels of post-meal blood glucose or called postprandial glycemia, oxidative damage, and insulin in the blood. The antioxidants will increase after consuming Almond Flour.
  • Almond Flour is also good to boost heart health. Fat in almond is sixty-five percents monounsaturated. This is good to maintain levels of cholesterol, so automatically good for heart. Experts have proved that by consuming Almond Flour, people can keep the blood vessels healthy. This will decrease the risks of coronary heart diseases. If we consume fifty grams of this kind of flour every day, we will have healthy heart.
  • By consuming Almond Flour regularly, we can improve our energy levels. It contains riboflavin, copper, and manganese. The riboflavin or called Vitamin B2 can create, function, grow, and develop red blood cells. The copper and manganese are as the enzymes called superoxide dismutase. These two can deactivate the free radicals located in mitochondria. This enzymes are to keep the energy flowing.
  • By consuming Almond Flour, we will also be able to discourage formation of cancer. Experts from California University have revealed that Almond can decrease the colon cancer risks. The fat inside almonds that is high healthy is anticancer.
  • People having large waist should consume this kind of flour regularly since a low-calorie diet with only consuming three ounces of almonds per day, will make the waist slimmer. The Almond Flour consumption will lower the risks of metabolic syndrome.

What are in a quarter cup of the Blue Diamond Almond Flour:

  • 160 calories
  • 14 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • 6 grams of protein
  • 13.6 milligrams of Vitamin E
  • 1.1 milligrams of iron
  • 65.2milligrams of Magnesium
  • 160.4 milligrams of Potassium
  • 57.4 milligrams of Calcium

Surely, you can’t wait to consume this kind of flour judging from what contains in such a small amount of Almond Flour. Not only you will be healthier, but you will also save money. It’s economical enough. Hopefully, this article about the Blue Diamond Almond Flour will make you more aware to boost your health.

The Best Sugar Free Yogurt Brands – Low Sugar Yogurts

Are you looking for Sugar Free Yogurt Brands? If the answer is yes, this may be very helpful for you – especially for those who want to consume healthier yogurts. As we know, there are so many yogurt brands which are sold in the market. Yet, the best brands which contain low sugar or even sugar free are not many.

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands list special for you

You may also have no idea about what yogurt brands that you should buy. So, to help you know yogurts which you can choose, here we are going to share you about the best yogurt brands which have low sugar – sugar free.

Kalona Super Natural

list of  Sugar Free Yogurt Brands

This yogurt is made from all natural organic, non homogenized milk, grass fed ingredients. Which means, Kalona Super Natural is completely healthy. Moreover, this organic yogurt will help your body maintain your health. This Kalona contains 107 calories, 2.5 g of Fat, 8 g of sugar, and 6 g of protein. In addition, this organic yogurt is a peach yogurt.

Yo Crunch Low Fat Yogurt

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is yo crunch

If you want to buy a cookie strewn yogurt, you can choose this Yo Crunch. Why? Because this yogurt is considered to have lower sugar than other cookie strewn yogurts. Here, this Yo Crunch contains 120 calories, 3 g of Fat, 16 g of Sugar, and 4 g of protein. In addition, this yogurt is very suitable for those who like snacking with no worries.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Chocolate Dust

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is ghobani yogurt

As its name, this yogurt is made from chocolate. This means, Chobani Greek is very suitable for those who love to eat chocolate. However, you may wonder about the nutrients which contain in this Chobani Greek. Here, this yogurt has 60 calories, 1.5 g of Fat, 6 g of sugar, and 5 g of protein. So, we can say that this Chobani Greek has a possibility to replace your favorite snack.

Fage Greek Yogurt

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is fage

When this yogurt was tested to know the original ingredients, Fage Greek Yogurt passed it. Yep, the process which is done to make this yogurt, makes the nutrients which are contained in Fage remain to be natural. Besides, there are no thickeners which add to this yogurt. Moreover, this Greek yogurt is very good for your body because the process also removes whey. This means, the sugar and carbs are removed, and make this Fage yogurt becomes a high protein snack.

Wallaby Yogurt

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is wallaby

This yogurt is similar to other yogurt brands. Yep, it contains lots of bacteria cultures. Here, these bacteria are very important for not only for the yogurt itself, but also for your body. Why? Because the bacteria in this Wallaby contain so many probiotics which are good for keeping your gut stay healthy and happy.

Simply Balanced

 Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is simply balanced

A yogurt from brand name Target, the Simply Balanced will still contain bacteria cultures even though kept for a long time – it doesn’t mean still good when expired. As we know, there are so many brands which lose their bacteria cultures when the expiration date is near. Yet, you will find that this one of Sugar Free Yogurt Brands is able to keep the bacteria inside the yogurt well.

Cough Medicine for Diabetics: Based on the Symptoms

Having cough for people who suffer from diabetes might be one problem. It is because many of the cough, flu, as well as cold remedies sold in the counters list diabetes as one underlined condition. Finding this kind of medicine means that, diabetic people have to leave that medicine right away. Insist to consume these kinds of medicines will have the possibilities of causing dangerous result. Since finding the right cough medicine for diabetics is not an easy thing to do, here this article will help to give a little ease for your problem.

looking for cough medicine for diabetics

To ease the medicine you need to choose for diabetic people, here we will give you sorted list of medicines you can take based on the symptoms :

If you have cough symptom

For diabetic people, it is better to choose medicines in pills form compared to medicines in syrup form. It is because pills have high possibility of containing no carbohydrate. However, if you insist to go with the syrup form, there is one condition you need to pay attention; check whether it is has sugar free features or not.

For a suggestion, you can take decongestant pseudoephedrine, phenylpropalamine, or phenylephrine for your cough medicine for diabetics .

If you have pain and/ or fever symptom

If the cough you have also comes with pain and/ or fever, the best option for the medicine is analgesic acetaminophen, or Tylenol. For other option, you can also choose aspirin, as it gives best result in decreasing the fever.

Both of these medicines is safe for most people. Moreover, you can also get these medicines easily as it is available nearly in every drugstore. If you also have kidney problem, make sure not to choose analgesic class of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS.

It is because this kind of medicine contains ibuprofen as well as naproxen, which has the possibility to increase the blood pressure. One note to keep in mind is that, you need to contact your doctor immediately if your temperature rises above 103F degree.

If you have runny nose and itchy eyes symptoms

It is good to have antihistamine medicines if you have symptoms as mentioned above. Besides taking care of runny nose, this kind of medicine is also good choice for sneezing, nasal or eye itching, conjunctivitis, postnasal discharge, as well as allergic rhinitis.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you will not take oral decongestants medicine if you want to take care of your runny nose.  Some samples of oral decongestants medicine include pseudoephedrine, phenylpropalamine, as well as phenylephrine.

For the last advice on this article, it might be better for you to get a flu shot if you do not want to trouble yourself in looking for cough medicine for diabetics. Even though flu shot does not have 100 percent of capability in preventing people to suffer from influenza, at least it can reduce the risk of getting illness. Doing it annually typically in September or even October is one easy thing you can do.