How Much Does Insulin Cost for Popular Brands

How Much Does Insulin Cost recently is getting asked more frequently because the diabetes case is increasing time after time. We can make sure that many people have to deal with diabetes and there will be various things needed for making sure that they can keep their life as normal as possible.

In this circumstance, taking insulin must be one crucial thing which should be done for keeping the blood sugar near to normal level. Nevertheless, people really have to be wise when choosing the brand of insulin especially if they want to get the affordable insulin. Here are the prices of some popular insulin products.

Expensive can be simple answer for question about How Much Does Insulin Cost

Price Range

This is kind of insulin which is long acting type. Compared to other brands of insulin products, Lantus can be considered more popular and the price offered is about $266. Of course people can find other insulin product in the market with higher price range such as Humalog which has $529 price for this short acting type of insulin. It seems like the price of the insulin products differ based on the way the insulin will react in the body.

People can find the intermediate acting type of insulin product which comes with higher price than the long acting type. Nevertheless, people must admit that insulin cost is not cheap at all. People must not forget that the insulin will be used in long term and asking about How Much Does Insulin Cost is pretty wise because they have to be ready with the expense for keeping their blood sugar level as normal as possible.

Unaffordable Price of Insulin

The diabetic patients are increasing time after time and we can make sure that it means there will be more people who will need insulin for helping them keep the blood sugar level low. However, people have to face the fact about the price of insulin which is unaffordable. There are some reasons for this condition after all. Captive market can be the very first reason. More and more people want to buy insulin because if they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, they will not be able to live without the support of insulin.

They do not have any choice because they have to buy for helping them alive. There is no competition which can be found in the market because in the United States, there are only three manufacturers of so many insulin products which are offered in the market. With this amount of manufacturers, people cannot say that there will be real competition in insulin production. The more important reason why people cannot find the insulin product with affordable price is because there is no generic version of this product in the market. There is possibility for lowering the price of insulin but it is not allowed because insulin is included in biologic drug class. The tests until the insulin is allowed to be sold will be extremely strict since it is type of biologic drug. Expensive can be simple answer for question about How Much Does Insulin Cost.

Chicken Recipes For Diabetics: Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Chicken Recipes For Diabetics can be a great choice for diabetics who want to enjoy the meal which is not only delicious but also satisfying. There is no question that many people think that being diabetics can mean that they have to suffer for the rest of their life because they no longer can enjoy various kinds of food freely. We can make sure that by being diabetic, people really have to pay very great attention about what they eat. However, we can make sure that it does not mean that they cannot eat anything delicious. They can try the recipe of creamy spinach and artichoke chicken below and they will find that the diabetics still have huge opportunity for enjoying great life and great food. The dish is very simple to make and this can be healthy food choice for diabetics which can be considered as comfort food.

they are ready to enjoy the delicious Chicken Recipes For Diabetics


Chicken surely becomes one of the main ingredients which can be found in this recipe. There are some things which must be prepared. A pound of chicken breast without bone and skin must be halves and cut crosswise for making chicken strips with one inch width.

People also have to prepare 19 ounces frozen artichoke hearts which are thawed as well as cut up. More ingredients are needed including two onions with large size which must be cut into wedges, a red sweet pepper with medium size which is cut into cite size strips, 10 ¾ ounce of canned condensed cream of chicken soup with reduced sodium and fat, 1/3 cup of water, a teaspoon of crushed dried Italian seasoning, ¼ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, four ounces of reduced fat cream cheese in cubes cut, three cloves of garlic which is minced, three cups of fresh baby spinach leaves, six ounces of dried whole wheat noodles with wide size. The noodles should be cooked by following the directions on the package in the Chicken Recipes For Diabetics.


Making the dish will not be complicated at all and people can enjoy the delicious chicken meal which is friendly for their diabetes. People just need slow cooker for cooking the chicken.

In the slow cooker, people should combine the chicken along with artichokes, sweet pepper, and onions. They also have to combine, water, soup, salt, black pepper, and Italian seasoning in the bowl which has medium size. The liquid mixture should be poured over the chicken mixture placed in the slow cooker. The slow cooker must be covered for cooking the ingredients on the low heat for 4-5 hours. The cream cheese and garlic can be added to the mixture in the slow cooker then. It must be covered and let stand for about five minutes. They have to stir the mixture for melting the cream cheese and getting the smooth texture. Spinach leaves can be stirred in. People can serve the dish by placing the noodles on the plates. Chicken mixture will be the topping and they are ready to enjoy the delicious Chicken Recipes For Diabetics.

Types Of Insulin Pens and How to Choose It

Types Of Insulin Pens should be considered before people make any purchase for making sure that they can keep the diabetes treatment for keeping the blood sugar level near the normal level. One thing for sure, people with diabetes cannot live without insulin and they need the insulin supply over and over again. They need to choose the insulin pen which can meet their circumstance the most. Insulin pen will be used for injecting the insulin after all. There are some elements which can be found in the pen including the insulin cartridge, dial for measuring the dosage, as well as disposable needle. Let’s find out further about the insulin pen.

Types Of Insulin Pens which should be chosen will depend on people’s


With increasing demands of insulin pen since there are more people who suffer from this health condition, it will not be difficult at all to find the insulin pen products offered out there. People can find it from different brands with different model. Buying the insulin pen can be challenging sometimes because of the varieties which are so many but first of all, people surely have to understand about the available insulin pen types. They can find the disposable and reusable insulin pen after all.

The disposable one comes with prefilled insulin cartridge. People can throw the entire pen unit after using it. This can be simple choice for people who do not want to be troubled for changing the needle and caring the unit. The second one is reusable pen which comes with replaceable insulin cartridge. If the cartridge is empty, it can be discarded so they can put the new one. When injecting the insulin, people must not forget to use the new needle which can be disposed. People can use one unit for several years as long as they give proper care to the reusable insulin pen. Types Of Insulin Pens which should be chosen will depend on people’s preference which can be different for sure.

Choosing the Insulin Pen

People can find insulin pen which is offered with various models, brands, as well as categories out there. To make sure that they can make the right choice, they have to discuss the choice with the doctor first. There will be some factors which must be considered for choosing the right insulin pen. At first, people have to pay attention about the insulin type and brand which can be found in the market.

They must not forget about the insulin dose size which can be held by the insulin pen. They must not forget about the increments by which insulin dose can be adjusted. Some people want to buy the reusable pen so they have to pay attention to the material of the pen as well as the durability. People also have to know about the way the pen will indicate the insulin levels remaining. It is better to consider about the pen ability for correcting the insulin dose levels when it is wrong. Number size on dose dial and dexterity level needed for using the pen should also be considered to get the right Types Of Insulin Pens.

6 Options of Protein Shakes for Diabetics Type 2

Protein shake is a potential way to gain good nutrition anytime and anywhere. The protein shakes are really helpful to manage blood sugar and diabetics. Protein shakes for diabetics type 2 are potentially included to the eating menu for diabetics. This helps to get slow the absorption of blood sugar. Oatmeal, whey, and nuts containing high fiber and friendly protein can be the main choices for mixing protein shakes for diabetics. Here are some recipes of protein shakes for diabetics.

Nut Jam and Jelly Protein Shake

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 nut jam

The first recipe is peanut jam and jelly protein shakes. This shake is usually banned for diabetics. But, today you can drink and eat your favorite dish. You can make it for protein shake with thick protein from dashing dish. This provides three types of protein dosages from protein powder, peanut, and cottage cheese. You can add little sugar or without it to this recipe. The sweet taste must be appropriate because you are diabetics.

French toast Protein Shake

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 good for youFrench toast is often covered by sugar powder and then poured syrup. This is regarded to neglect a food type harmful for diabetes. But, you can gain protein in this dish. You may include this food recipe to the menu list for diabetics. You can make French toast without extra sugar. The main ingredient of this food is protein powder and cottage cheese with the touch of maple syrup for giving a sweet taste.

Soybean Smoothie for Protein Shake

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 for your health

If you are intolerant to lactose or vegetarian, a great choice for protein shakes for diabetics type 2 is soybean smoothie. This is made of soy milk that is rich of protein and silk tofu. The frozen strawberry, banana, and almond extract may be added to give a delicious taste. If you don’t have try silken tofu yet before, it is time to introduce it to your tongue.

Chocolate Smoothie Protein Shake

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 be careful for to drink

If you feel lost your favorite sweet food, it will never happen. You can make protein shake from sweet ingredients like chocolate. Chocolate smoothie can be listed into your menu. It encourages an eating appetite for chocolate. It is made of almond milk that is rich of protein, cottage cheese, and protein powder. The chocolate taste is from cacao powder without sweetener and sweet chocolate of Stevia. That is a perfect combination for healthily delicious protein shake.

Banana Smoothie

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 banana

Banana smoothie becomes another option for protein shakes. You may mix it with additional ingredients including yogurt, almond milk, and little Stevia. The smoothie is full of protein and appropriate for diabetics. It is giving you adequate energy to last for lunch with its contained nutrition in a glass of banana smoothie for protein shake option.

Cornstarch Protein Shake

Protein Shakes For Diabetics Type 2 cornstrach

It is full of fibers. Raw cornstarch is also helpful to manage and control blood sugar and becomes a recommended ingredient for protein shakes for diabetics type 2. The raw cornstarch contains carbohydrate hampering the processing of blood sugar increasing gradually. When it is mixed with water and protein shake powder, it is able to provide balance nutrition.

Is Yogurt Good For Diabetics?

Is Yogurt Good For Diabetics? This question is absolutely crucial for people who have to deal with diabetes because they have to look for foods which can be friendly with their condition. Being diabetics can be challenging especially since people have to make sure that they eat the foods which will not spike the blood sugar level in the body. The challenge is pretty great because of course diabetics still want to enjoy the foods. They still want to enjoy the snack. That is why they need to find the healthy food source and yogurt sounds like a good option for them. Is that true? Let’s find out further.

Is Yogurt Good For Diabetics? The benefits of yogurt should be considered for answering this question.Yogurt Benefits

It might be true that yogurt is always considered as one of the healthiest which can be found in the world. It is very friendly for various kinds of diet program. However, people with diabetes should be more aware about anything they eat including the yogurt. People have to make sure that they eat the real healthy foods which can keep their blood sugar level low. Yogurt comes with various benefits including for people with diabetes.

Is Yogurt Good For Diabetics? The benefits of yogurt should be considered for answering this question. First of all, people can see yogurt as a great source of protein as well as calcium. With one serving of yogurt only, people can fulfill 8-25 percent of their daily calcium intake. Of course it will depend on the brand and also the size of every serving. People can also get about 33 percent of their daily protein intake by consuming plain Greek yogurt. Choosing the right yogurt will enhance the benefits of the yogurt further after all especially for the diabetics. They should choose plain yogurt instead of fruit yogurt because it will reduce the intake of simple sugar. People can also find yogurt which comes with live cultures. It will be useful for reducing yeast infections. At the same time, it will also boost immune system of the body.

Yogurt Drawbacks

There are various kinds of benefits which people can find from yogurt but people must not forget about the drawbacks which can be found from this food as well. If people choose the yogurt with whole fat, it means that they will consume the saturated fat. It will affect the risk of developing atherosclerosis. It is health condition where people can find the plaque built up in the arteries. It is bad because it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

They must not forget that people with diabetes have the risk of both conditions which is increased. That is why it is very important to be very careful when choosing the yogurt product. Instead of the whole fat yogurt, people should consider the plain yogurt with reduced fat. They should not choose yogurt which is added fruit. This way, they can eliminate the chance of consuming added sugar and saturated fat from yogurt. By making the right choice of yogurt, they can get yes answer for the question about Is Yogurt Good For Diabetics.

Does Diabetes Cause Dry Skin?

Does Diabetes Cause Dry Skin? There must be so many questions which people can make about diabetes. Recently, there are more people who have to deal with this health condition and there are a lot of things which they should adapt to. Diabetes means that people have to deal with high blood sugar level.

yes is the answer of question about Does Diabetes Cause Dry Skin

There will be various conditions which can appear due to diabetes. Diabetes can affect the skin condition and this might be the reason why people are asking whether their skin can get dry if they have diabetes. It is true that there are various kinds of skin problem which can be caused by diabetes. However, people can still be healthy if they have diabetes. There are some steps which can be taken for preventing the dry skin when they have diabetes. It is crucial for preventing the dry skin because when it is too dry, the skin can crack and itch. It even can get infected as well. Here are some things which should be done for preventing the dry skin for diabetics.

Keep the Skin Clean and Dry

If people want to prevent the dry skin when they have diabetes, the very first thing which must be done is making sure that their skin is kept clean and dry. They really have to keep the clean and dry condition especially for toes, groin, and also armpits. They have to keep it dry but it should not be too dry of course. In this circumstance, they can use the great help from the talcum powder.

Right Bath

Cleaning the body becomes crucial process for making sure that the skin can be kept clean. However, for preventing dry skin, diabetics should clean their body correctly. Does Diabetes Cause Dry Skin  question makes people have to consider about the way for preventing it. They have to take a bath correctly. In this circumstance, the baths or shower should be done in short period of time. They should use lukewarm water for cleaning their body. The mild soaps as well as shampoos should be used for washing their body. Diabetics have sensitive skin so they have to avoid using something which can be harsh to their skin such as scented cleansers or deodorant.


The best care for the dry skin surely is for bringing back the moisture to their skin. If people have diabetes, they have to make sure for keeping their skin moisturized if their skin is dry. There are some best times which should be used for moisturizing the skin. They must not forget to apply moisturizer to the skin right after the bath or shower since the skin is still moist at the moment.

Dry Gently

Drying the skin well is necessary but people have to do it right since their skin is very sensitive. Patting gently should be done for drying the diabetic skin well. They have to focus on some areas for drying including under breasts, between toes, between legs, as well as underarms. People should be prepared with things for preventing dry skin when they have diabetes because yes is the answer of question about Does Diabetes Cause Dry Skin.

Finding Right Cold Medicine For Diabetics

Cold Medicine For Diabetics cannot be any kind of cold medicine which can be found out there. Cold can be simple health problem which is easy to treat because the medicine can be found easily as well. Cold is kind of common health problem for many people so people might be very familiar with some cold medicine.

They should keep taking the diabetes medication or insulin while they take the Cold Medicine For Diabetics

However, people with diabetes cannot just take any kind of cold medicine because they have to pay attention to the ingredients of the cold medicine. There is no doubt that diabetics should really pay attention to their nutrients intake because it will affect their blood sugar level. They cannot be careless about their cold medicine as well. Having a cold is not fun at all so people just want to be free from this health condition as soon as possible. It is better to prevent the cold and stay well so people do not have to get involved with the confusion for choosing the medicine.

Flu Shot

Prevention surely becomes the best way which people should do if they do not want to get involved with health problem. Fortunately, cold and flu is health problem which can be prevented. Instead of taking the Cold Medicine For Diabetics, it will be better for people to consider the flu shot every year for preventing the cold and flu. Taking the flu vaccine will help people to prevent various kinds of flu. At least, it will be useful for making sure that they will not be so ill because of the virus.


Taking the medicine might be a great help for people so they can get well soon from the cold. However, the biggest problem which people with diabetes should face is that there are some cold medicine which comes with sugar ingredients. Cough syrups have sugar content within. That is why if diabetics have cold, they really have to consult with their doctor or pharmacist for getting the recommendation of the cold medicine which can be safe for them.

Plan during Sick Days

If they cannot prevent the cold, it means that people have to be ready with some steps which should be done during the sick days. They have to make plan if it is the time for everyone to get cold. First of all, people surely have to check their blood sugar level regularly at least once in four hours. The doctor might recommend how often they have to check the blood sugar level.

They also have to take the ketone test if the blood sugar level is over 240mg/dL. If there is any ketone, people really have to contact their doctor. The temperature should be checked in regular basis as well. They also have to ddrink a cup of liquid per hour if they are awake. The liquid which can be the best choice is water and broth. They should also try to take 35-50 grams of carbohydrate per 3-4 hours. They should keep taking the diabetes medication or insulin while they take the Cold Medicine For Diabetics.

Considering Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics must be considered for making sure that diabetics can still enjoy their food but at the same time, their blood sugar level can be kept low. There is no doubt that diabetes is kind of health condition which should be prevented from the first time because it cannot be cured. Once people are diagnosed with diabetes, it means that they have to make major change in their life including their eating habit.

When people are looking for the Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

They cannot just eat anything because wrong food choice will raise the blood sugar level quickly and it will not be good for their health. Many people think that diabetes can be a great nightmare since they can no longer enjoy delicious food. No more salt and sugar which are crucial for making the food taste great.

In fact, they can still enjoy the sweet taste but they have to make sure that choose the healthy source of sweet. There are some sugar substitutes which can be good choice for diabetics. It can be healthy as well since it comes from natural source. Diabetics can consider those sugar substitutes as savior for their food enjoyment after all. Although people can find the artificial one, the natural substitutes for sugar will be healthier not only for people with diabetes but also other people who do not have this health problem.


Stevia is very popular natural sugar substitution

When people are looking for the Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics, there is no doubt that stevia will appear in their mind quickly. Stevia is very popular natural sugar substitution which can be great choice for people with diabetes after all. There is no doubt about this because the glycemic index of stevia is 0. Compared to sugar, people can enjoy up to 1-15 sweeter taste. In the market, people can find the stevia product in powder or liquid form. This sweetener can be used for various purposes including pudding, dessert, hot cereal, smoothies, sauces, cold beverage, and hot beverage. However, this sweetener will not be good option for baking.

Whole Grain Sweetener

People can consider barley malt syrup which is made from whole grains

Many people think that stevia must be the best natural sugar substitutes which people with diabetes can use. However, we can make sure that there is still other option which can be chosen such as whole grain sweetener. People can consider barley malt syrup which is made from whole grains. This sweetener still has the complex carbohydrate which can be found from the grain.

People can also find the fiber and nutrients which can be found in the original grain. Minimal process is performed for making the barley malt syrup. People can use it just like the white sugar or brown sugar. The appearance of this sweetener comes in thick consistency with the taste which is similar to molasses. Compared to the pure table sugar, the sweetness is about half of it. The calories are pretty low with 42 GI. It can be digested easily. From cereal to cakes, people can enjoy the sweetness of barley malt syrup. However, people have to use the sweetener in moderation although they use Natural Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics.

Best Ice Cream for Diabetics that You Looked For

The question is who do not like ice cream? But this is almost impossible to buy healthy ice cream which contain low carbs, of course free sugar. As we know that most of ice creams contain of sugar and high carbohydrate which become a bad news for diabetes. However, this is possible to get ice cream which contain of low carbohydrate which can be consumed for diabetic’s patient. However, this is always be the best to call your doctor first to know what kind ice cream that you can eat and how much you can eat it. Then you start look for best ice cream for diabetics.

To help you decrease your glucose level and reducing your excessive weight that is often important for diabetes control, many experts have been suggested that you should ask yourself with following several question bellow before you eat ice cream:

 you need several tips to get best ice cream for diabetics

How much you can scoop out?

You can read on the nutrition label first, before you start to eat it. The serving size is similar with half cup size. You can scoop out for four or five bites, then it’s over. If you are being really careful, you might prefer using tiny bowls and find out that you might scoop out at least a cup. This is mean that you have twice calories and saturated fat inside your body. Of course, twice level sugar which had been listed on label.

How about the sugar?

This is harder to find out how much sugar which had been served in ice cream. This is because the total that you had been seen on nutrition label including of added sugars along with naturally occurring sugar as well, such as: milk and other ingredients.

Did I have a time to exercise after having desert?

This is better for patients after having dinner and dessert to go out for take a walk around 20 minutes. This thing can help you to keep glucose level in the next morning. You only need paced walk after having dinner, within few minutes then next morning you will get incredible result in your glucose level.

If you really hungry for it?

This is important to ask yourself, whether you hungry for dessert or you just want to get kind of reward or something else.

If you already ask yourself and still craving for small bite of ice cream, you need several tips to get best ice cream for diabetics. There are many better options in the market in the terms of calorie, glucose level and saturated fats as well. if you really struggling to lose weight and reducing your glucose level, you should stick out with half cup serving size. The other problem is you had been stored another half container inside your freezer and make you to scoop out again. If you stop in half a cup, the following options might probably fine. You can choose store brought product and ensure that these products contain of lower sugar, carbs and saturated fat.

Several Recommendations of Best Protein Shakes for Diabetics

Smoothies and protein shakes become very popular in recent time. These ingredients become so popular because contain great ingredients which can bring you something new in your body. However, if you have diabetes, this is normal to wonder whether these drinks will affect your glucose level or not. Of course, you need recipe of best protein shakes for diabetics.

Whether you look for a thing which can help you to lose weight or you had been trying look for meal replacement for your busy day, the protein shake might work on you. If you are having diabetes, you can choose protein shake which fits with your diet plan and do not cause your glucose level getting higher. However, you should know that these protein shakes do not contain all of nutrition which your body need and it should not be your only intake food. You should call your doctor to discuss which one protein shake options which fit with your lifestyle.

you need recipe of best protein shakes for diabetics.

Here ingredients to make your best protein shakes for diabetics:

Protein shake with French Toast

The French toast often had been topped with powder sugar and pours it with syrup which can make this toast have very sweet taste. so, this is also one reason why French toast does not consider friendly meal for diabetes. Here coming this protein shake that give you great taste without extra sugar. The main ingredients are only using protein powder and the cottage cheese.


–       1 scoop vanilla protein (powdered0

–       ½ cup for cottage cheese (fat-free)

–       ½ tea spoon of cinnamons

–       1 tea spoon of maple extract

–       3-5 for stevia packet

–       Dash nutmeg

–       2 cups of water

–       ½ tea spoon of Xantham gum (this is optional)

–       ½ tea spoon of butter extract (this is optional)

–       Add around 10 ice cubes (depending on your taste)


–       You only need 5-10 minutes to make this protein shake

–       You can pour all of ingredients into blender and you can blend until the ingredients become creamy.

–       Then you can add light cream on the top and spread the cinnamon on it.

Protein shake with rice

You can make this shake using rice protein powder, you can add whey protein powder and fresh fruit. This also contains of nuts and flaxseed which very healthy along with healthy fiber as well. The surprise ingredient in this shake is the borage oil that contain of anti-inflammation agent. However, you cannot use borage oil if you are pregnant or you are in certain medication.


–       2 coops for rice protein powder

–       12 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds

–       1 tablespoon of borage oil

–       Ice cubes as you want

–       1,2 cups for fresh organic fruit, you can use raspberry, blueberry, bananas, pears and more.

–       ½ cups for nuts, this is optional such as; pecans, almonds, etc.


You only need to blend all of the ingredients until you get creamy composition.

Information about Insulin Pumps and How Do Insulin Pumps Work

If you had been diagnoses diabetes in your body, of course you will feel overwhelmed by all of new information that you should learn and keep going to learn about how to manage your diabetes as well. You already known that your primary goal is controlling your glucose level in order to increase your fee live without have diabetes and getting healthier, there are many people know this thing, however you need to find out how you can achieve proper and good diabetes management while you are balancing your demands in daily basis with the other demands in your life as well. This is not easy task that you can do within few days. It takes a strong commitment. So many people also knowing about insulin pump which can help you to manage your diabetes, but you may wonder about how do insulin pumps work.

you may wonder about how do insulin pumps work

So, what is an insulin pump?

Insulin pump is the device around cell phone size which contain of cartridge of the rapid acting insulin. This pump featuring with screen and buttons to program the pump’s internal computer, and right motor which pushing the insulin from the cartridge toward your body via thin tube that also called as the infusion set. So, an insulin pump can help to manage your diabetes, even you are also able to get insulin injection and adjusting your life with how is insulin working on you. When you work along with your diabetes care team, this insulin pump can help you to maintain your glucose level into your range target. If you wondering about how do insulin pumps work, so you can check information bellow.

How it works?

Your insulin pump will deliver rapid or the short acting insulin within 24 years a day via catheter which had been located under the patient’s skin. The insulin doses will be divided into:

–       The basal rates

–       The bolus doses in order to cover the carbs in meals

–       Correction doses

The insulin basal will be delivered continuously during 24 hours and keeping your glucose level around meals and overnight as well. Sometime, you might adjust different amount of insulin in different time between day and night as well. You should consult with your diabetes care team or your doctor. When you eat, you are able to use the button on insulin pump and give the additional insulin which had been called as the glucose level.

You can take the bolus in order to cover you carbohydrates in each meal as mentioned before. If you eat over than you had planned, you need simply program into larger bolus of insulin. You also able to take bolus to cure your high level of glucose, if you have high glucose level before you had a meal, you can give correction or supplemental bolus to bring back in your target range as well. So, this is can be your best way to maintain your glucose level, but you should work closely with your doctor.

4 Best Milk for Diabetics You Could Try

People who suffer from diabetes often more at risk to the bone fracture. Therefore, it is good for them to have a diet of high calcium since it could make their bones become stronger. As a result, it is important for them to drink milk every day. Since people with diabetes should strongly resist too much sugar, it means that sweetened milk is not a good drink to have. It goes the same for people who suffer from diabetes type as well as type 2. The best milk for diabetics is actually the one that rich in calcium and nutrition, but low in carbs so that it could match the meal plan the patient has. However, what is the best milk for diabetics? Found the answer on the following brief explanation.

 the best milk for diabetics with low calorie

 1. Organic valley’s fat free grass milk

This first best milk for diabetics is free from grain. It comes from pasture fed cows and is organic. A study conducted in 2013 suggests that this kind of milk may have higher amount of omega 3 fatty acids than any other types of milk. It could be a good milk for the health of heart as well. In one cup, there are 12 grams of carbs as well as 8 grams of protein you will get. The clean flavor having by this milk makes it suitable to add in your coffee or tea.

2. Meyenberg’s low fat goat milk

The second best milk for diabetics is this one. It has a fresh and sweet taste that would make you want to drink it every day. In one cup, this milk provides the same amount of protein as the previous milk, but provides 1 higher number on carbs. This milk could make a great taste fit if you make it as milk shake. Therefore, it would be better if you use this milk as the substitution of real sugar.

3. Blue diamond’s almond breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk

If some of any milk tastes makes you feel nauseous, you could try this best milk for diabetics. The sweet taste of this milk only comes slightly that would not makes you feel queasy after you drink it. One cup of this milk offers 40 calories; only 2 grams of crabs also zero grams of saturated fat. The nutty taste from this milk makes it a best companion for any cereals or whole grain breads for your breakfast.

4. Good karma’s unsweetened flax milk

If you are looking for the best milk for diabetics with low calorie, then you should try this milk. It only has 25 calories in one cup. Moreover, the amount of crabs in one cup is only 1 gram. For other specialty, this milk is unsweetened flax milk that has very refreshing taste. You could drink this milk along with any kinds of meal. This milk is also free from any allergens. The last reason why you should try this milk is that it could supply your body with 1200 mg of omega 3 fatty acids.