Diabetic Medicines That Cause Weight Loss

Diabetic medicines that cause weight loss become one of the most important thing searched by people who suffered from diabetes. Since diabetic people could not stabilize the production of their insulin hormone, they look for another thing they could use as a substitution. Medicines indeed could solve this problem. However, some of these medicines sometimes cause the people who consume it gain some weight. If you want to know the right medicine you could take that cause weight loss as well, then the information from the following lists is what you need to read.

you must know Diabetic Medicines That Cause Weight Loss


It is the first medicine on the list of diabetic medicines that cause weight loss that we recommend you to try. The food and drug administration already approved the work of this medicine for type 2 diabetes around 2005. Sometimes, this medicine also called as exenatide.

This medicine would help the metabolism process of the blood sugar level. The consumer of this medicine would not have the urge to consume foods in large amount that is not necessary for the body. It is because the blood sugar already processed more efficiently by the help of this medicine.  Through many studies, the company that produced this medicine claimed that people should consume this medicine frequently to get the result they dream. Regular consuming of this medicine for 30 weeks will result in the loss of 4 lbs. A patient ever proved the effective work of this medicine by taking 10 mcg. He keeps this regular habit for 24 weeks. As a result, 6 lbs of weight reduced while he could still maintain a healthy life as well.


The second recommended item from the list of diabetic medicines that cause weight loss is metformin. It even prescribed in doctor’s medication often to give treatment for the patient who suffers from type 2 diabetes.

This medicine could help the body to increase the production of insulin. Besides, it could control the level of blood sugar, as well as the process of absorbing glucose from the foods. If you look from the origin name of this medicine, it has a relation with glucophage. An article in 2001 ever stated that the properties of it could reduce the appetite, thus it could loss the weight. A study in 2001 also showed same result. The study used some women as the subject. 80% of them who consume metformin regularly on a low calorie lost 10% of their body weight. The experiment held for 12 month and published under the journal of heart disease.

Things to consider

People who suffer from diabetes often faced the problem of gaining weight. As stated by the Johns Hopkins Health Alert, once the patients stimulate their appetite, it will result to the growth of fat cells. Therefore, the medication they take should concern about it to. By the help of byetta or metformin as the diabetic medicines that cause weight loss, patients could solve the problem. However, they need the approval from the doctor first before taking these diabetic medicines that cause weight loss.


Mango Leaves and Diabetes in Diabetic Herbal Treatment

Mango leaves and diabetes tend to have a strong relationship. To make you sure that mango leaves can be used to treat your diabetes problem, just read this information first. In fact, mango leaves are processed into specific product and it is good for people who are suffered from diabetes.

 This short explanation shows to you that there is health relationship between mango leaves and diabetes

Mango Leaves Tea to Treat Diabetes

If you love to drink a cup of tea in the morning, you can start consider about drinking a cup of mango leaves tea. This is due to the hypoglycemic properties on the leaves. These properties are useful to lower your blood sugar level. Even, there is no special treatment for the leaves. Just prepare a bowl of mango leaves and water. Then, heat the water until boil and add mango leaves. Let this mixture for a few minutes. Just drink the mango tea regularly and you can control your diabetes. The latest research stated that mango leaves tea is good for people with diabetes type 2. To get maximal result from this tea, you should drink before eating your meals or in empty stomach.

Mango Leaves Extract to Treat Diabetes

The extract of mango leaves is also good for your health. In fact, it has been used for long time ago especially in Chinese medicine. Chinese people tend to use mango leaves extract to treat asthma as well as diabetes. The main reason is because this leaf contains many active substances. Those are including caffeine acid, flavonoids, mangiferin, and gallic acid. It works well for diabetes because the mango leaves extract can improve your insulin production. This extract also helps to control the distribution of glucose around your body and blood. At the same time, this is also a good way to lower your blood sugar level. This short explanation shows to you that there is health relationship between mango leaves and diabetes.

Mango Leaves Extract to Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy

Without any proper treatment, diabetes triggers diabetic complication. As the result, you have to suffer from several symptoms. These symptoms such as frequent urination at night, the sudden weight loss, and the blurry vision. Actually, you can reduce the symptoms by consuming mango leaves extract. One of the reasons is because mango leaves consist of vitamin A and it is good for your eyes. Drinking mango leaves extract is the way to manage your blood sugar level.

At least, you can life with your diabetes better than before. Just prepare around 10 up to 15 leaves of fresh mango leaves. It will be better if you take the young leaves. Now, boil water and the mango leaves for a few minutes. Then, you can let the mixture overnight before consuming it. You can drink the mango leaves liquid in the morning. It is better if you drink it before you eat something. To feel the benefits and maximal result, you just need to drink it regularly around 2 up to 3 weeks.

There is no doubt that you can use mango leaves to treat your diabetes problem naturally. It is a kind of diabetic herbal treatment and it is good for those who want to get alternative treatment instead of medication treatment. So, what you are waiting for? You know that there is health relationship between mango leaves and diabetes. Just try this herbal treatment now.

Easy to Cook Low Sugar Desserts for Diabetics especially Chocolate and Fruits Lovers

Low sugar desserts for diabetics are good information for diabetes sufferers. Some sufferers tend to think that they are not allowed to enjoy dessert. This is concerning to the fact that dessert is identically with high sugar level or something sweet. Now, just enjoy the low sugar desserts for diabetics below without anything to worry about.

 Just create unique low sugar desserts for diabetics from those fruits

Lighter Chocolate Cinnamon Pudding

This is a delicious low sugar dessert you can enjoy! You can make it by yourself if you want to. Just prepare skim milk, evaporated skim milk, and brown sugar. Don’t forget to add cornstarch, cocoa powder, salt, and bittersweet chocolate. Add it with garnish such as cinnamon sticks and white and milk chocolate shaving. What you have to do is whisking cornstarch, sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and salt. Just do it in a medium saucepan. Then, add milk slowly and heat this mixture until boil. Add chocolate and whisk it until the chocolate melt. Prepare cups and pour the mixture on those cups. Let it a little bit warm and then refrigerate those puddings until set. You may let it on the refrigerator around 1 hour or even overnight. Add the garnish and you are ready to enjoy this healthy dessert.

Grilled Stone Fruits

Do you have a lot of fruit stocks in your refrigerator? Don’t let it rotten. Just create unique low sugar desserts for diabetics from those fruits. It is better to use plums and peaches. Then, you can mix it with Greek yogurt. You just need to cook it with olive oil. To serve crunchy and delicious grilled stone fruits, just heat a grill to medium high. Start to grill the plums and peaches with olive oil. Wait until those fruits juicy and charred enough. It takes around 2 minutes up to 4 minutes only. Remove from the grilled with spatula. Serve it in a plate with a dollop of Greek yogurt. This is a new way of enjoying fruits for diabetes sufferers.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you think that diabetes sufferers are not allowed to eat chocolate chip cookies, you are wrong. Along with specific ingredients, diabetes sufferers can enjoy chocolate chip cookies as their snack. The key is on the low sugar level and gluten free. Prepare a cup of almond butter, chocolate chips that is not too sweet, eggs,  light brown sugar, and coarse salt. Now, start to preheat your oven to get around 350 degrees. Stir the almond butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, and also salt in a bowl. When it is set, just place around a tablespoon of mound of dough on the baking set. Bake the cookies around 10 minutes. Let it a little bit warm and healthy low sugar dessert for diabetics is ready to enjoy.

Now, you have enough reference if you want to enjoy a healthy dessert. In fact, you are not only can eat one type of dessert but 3 desserts and even more. Just pick one of low sugar desserts for diabetics here and cook it for your daily snack. At least, the list of low sugar desserts for diabetics here helps you to have health snack variation.

Top 5 Low Carb Cereals for Diabetics

Low carb cereals for diabetics are a good decision for diabetes sufferers who can’t cook at home. Cereal is easy to prepare because you just need to spend a few minutes. The taste is also delicious enough especially for fast food. The most important thing is that low carb cereal is safe and useful for your health especially to keep your blood sugar level normal. So, let’s learn about the list of low carb cereals for diabetics you can consume without worry.

which one of low carb cereals for diabetics you want to eat?

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Low Carb Cereal

The best part of eating this low carb cereal is on its low sugar level. It is not only low sugar but also contains of high fiber. This is the reason why Flavored Flakes Finalists cereal is perfect for diabetes sufferers. You don’t need to worry about your blood sugar level because this cereal presses it while enjoying this product. In short, it is a friendly diabetic product to eat.

Kellogg’s Special K Blueberry Low Carb Cereal  

It is really one of delicious low carb cereals for diabetics. You can eat it with low fat milk and it still crunchy. The delicious taste is coming from the fruits on it. The fruits are creating surprise taste on your mouth. For your information, diabetes sufferers love to enjoy blueberry flavored flakes winner. It is the way for you to enjoy sweet low carb cereal with less sugary ingredient. The sweet taste is natural from the fruit.

Quaker Crunchy Corn Barn Low Carb Cereal

For those who want to eat different shape of low carb cereal, you may choose puffed cereal. The best option will be puffed cereal finalists. This cereal is delicious and healthy enough for kids and adult. The shape of the cereal can keep you feel the crunchy sensation. Besides eating crunchy cereal, you can also still enjoy sweet cereal. The most important thing, it doesn’t give impact to the level of your blood sugar.

General Mills Honey Kix Low Carb Cereal

Do you like vanilla? If it is so, you can just keep a box of low carb General Mills Honey Kix. This low carb cereal is also healthy due to the low level of calories. It is not a problem if you want to eat this cereal in big portion because it doesn’t affect your blood sugar level. It is also a puffed low carb cereal and offered in three different flavors. You can choose to enjoy vanilla, caramel, or honey General Mills Honey Kix.

General Mills Multigrain Cheerios Low Carb Cereal

The best part of this low carb cereal is on its whole grains ingredient. This is also the way to enjoy safety sweet low carb cereal. Thanks to the berry within the cereal which creates sweet flavor. Most diabetes sufferers love to eat General Mills Multigrain Cheerios for breakfast. It is really one of a must eat low carb cereals for diabetics.

You have enough reference of healthy cereal for diabetes sufferers now. So, which one of low carb cereals for diabetics you want to eat? You may try one by one if you want to.

How to Lower A1C Quickly and Effectively

How to lower A1C quickly is very important to know. A1C shows the level of your blood sugar or glucose. The higher the A1C, it means you have higher level of blood sugar or glucose in your body. So, it is a must to keep it normal. The normal level of blood sugar can prevent the risk of diabetes complication. There are several ways you can do to lower the level A1C quickly. Hopefully, it helps you.

How to lower A1C quickly is very important to know

High Intensive Exercise

This is the secret of how to lower A1C quickly. What you have to do is doing the exercise at least 3 times a day. You don’t need to do it too long. Just take around 10 minutes a day to do the exercise. This treatment actually works for people who are suffered from diabetes type 2. Even, you can increase the exercise into 5 times a day. High intensive exercise successfully increases your heart rate level and it will be great to maintain your A1C level. To control the result well, you should consult with your doctor first before doing the high intensive exercise. Then, don’t forget to wear heart rate monitor. Just make sure that everything is under control and not overdo it. In fact, overdo high intensive exercise can be dangerous for diabetes sufferers.

Maintain Your Dinner

A1C level is increased because of what you eat. If you want to lower your A1C level or even to keep it in normal level, you should maintain what you eat. Just carefully maintain your dinner. It is better for diabetes sufferers not to eat a large dinner plate. Instead of doing it, you can start with a small portion of salad. Salad is a good option because it makes you full enough without increasing A1C level. It consists of various vegetables and it looks a lot on a small plate. Try this trick and look how this simple trick can lower or keep your A1C normal.

Whole Foods are a Good Option

Some people tend to choose to eat fruits and vegetables in the form of juice. Actually, it is okay but it will be great if you eat the whole foods. The significant different is on its fiber. Whole fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which is useful for your health. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables juice is low level of fiber. In fact, fiber is very important for diabetes sufferers because it slows the way your body absorbs sugar. Moreover, fiber can also make you feel full longer and definitely it stabilizes your A1C level.

Try to Sleep Well

Sleeping well it means you are sleeping enough and it has to be high quality sleeping. It is suggested for diabetes sufferers to sleep around 6.5 hours up to 7.5 hours. By getting enough sleeping time, you can control the level of A1C. In different case, there is a significant different between people who are suffered from diabetes and they are sleeping less than the average hour. People who don’t have enough sleeping time can increase the level of A1C level significantly. So, this is the simple answer of how to lower A1C quickly and effectively as long as you don’t do it too much.