Meal Plans of 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Examples that Easy to Follow

Such as this 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet

1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet is a type of diet that helps diabetic people to control their blood sugar and lose their weight.

With this 1800 calorie diet, also help to lower the heart problem risk occur. Healthy eating is the key for manage diabetes. It is important for figure out what diabetic people need to eat for balancing their blood sugar.

Such as this 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet

Recommends for 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet

While there are many nutritionist and dietitian that can help you to make your diet plan, this list can be your guide to make meal plan diet for diabetic :

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important step in healthy eating throughout of the day. With diabetic people who have 1800 calories diet, then breakfast should be consist of 3 source of carbohydrate, or about 45 gram, one meat, and one fat.

    For simple breakfast menu sample can be consist of 1 ounce egg omelet with pepper and mushroom, two slices wheat toast with free fat margarine and a cup of skim milk.

  • Lunch

    Plan lunch a head is good idea for prefer good nutrition throughout of the day for busy people. Lunch should be consisting of 4 carbohydrate serving; it is about 60 gram, two meat exchanges, and each two of vegetable and fats. The example of this menu can be 1 ½ cup of chicken salad with tomato slices, lettuce and vegetable, wrap with a whole wheat pita and complete with 10 potato chips and for fruit option add the small apple.

  • Dinner

    The balance dinner proportions consist of 4 carbohydrates serving, 2 vegetable portion, 2 fats and 3 meats. The example menu of this dinner can be baked salmon, a cup of steamed green beans, 3 ounce portion or 2/3 cup of rice, and a cup of skim milk or half cup of unsweetened apple sauce.

  • Snack

    The ideal proportion for 1800 calorie diet is combination between protein and carbohydrate with 1;1 portion each. The example plan for this snack can be include a tablespoon peanut butter with three squares crackers. In throughout of day, take water and other calorie beverages for free foods to consume. These free foods are available to eat without worrying to blood glucose level increase.

Nutrition Balance for Diabetic

When you want to take healthy diet for diabetic people, then it is important for take right proportion. The daily carbohydrate amount throughout the day is about 4-5 serving or about 45-60 gram carbohydrate, for snack contain about 1-2 serving carbohydrate or about 15-30 gram carbohydrate.

The recommended food is fiber rich carbohydrate, lean protein source, fresh fruit and vegetable, and takes healthy fat and dairy products. Avoid or limit consumption food that contain with refined carbohydrate.  When you or beloved one get diabetes, than they do not need to eat too much restriction or become complicated diet.

Just to have meal plan that varies with foods, healthy eating and take right proportion will let you manage diabetes well. Such as this 1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet, it just an example of how you can follow your diabetes diet well in easy.

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