All About 31 Gauge Insulin Needles

the insulin injected with the 31 Gauge insulin needles

Do you want to learn more about 31 Gauge insulin needles? The size of the insulin needle is more comfortable and helps patients to be obedient in going through a diabetes therapy. 31 Gauge is a small size, so the needle gives comfort and eases towards diabetes patients in going through the routine of insulin injection so that the result of treatment is also better.

There are a lot of brands that offer 31 Gauge insulin needles. You can look through the strengths of each brand in order to choose one of your choices. They usually come in a box that has one hundred pieces of needles in it together. You may also find sterile poly bags inside the box.

the insulin injected with the 31 Gauge insulin needles

For some people who suffer from diabetes, insulin is one of the medications that can save their lives. If you suffer from diabetes, it is best that you know how insulin works. Insulin which is injected into those who suffer from diabetes has the function of taking over or adding to the role of natural insulin which is usually beneficial in controlling the levels of blood sugar. However, using insulin is not as easy as consuming other medications, because there are several factors that can affect the ability of a medication to control the levels of blood sugar.

How Much Insulin Is Injected?

The amount of insulin that is injected is determined by the person’s diet, weight, age, activity, as well as their overall health. Other than that, performing a blood sugar test using a device can help a person know how much insulin is appropriate for them to consume.

Knowing the right amount of insulin to inject is important because if you inject too much insulin, you can have a risk of hypoglycemia, which means that the levels of blood sugar are too low that it is dangerous for the body. On the other hand, if you inject too little insulin, then you might be at a risk for hyperglycemia which is when the level of blood sugar is too high.

Where And When Is The Insulin Injected?

Insulin will work the fastest when it is injected into the person’s abdomen, which is above or around the sides of the navel. Insulin will enter the body system a little bit longer if it is injected into the upper arm. It will take even longer if it is injected through the foot, but the longest it will take to work is when it is injected through the butt.

In order to get the best results, it is better to inject in the same area every time before meals. For example, injecting in the area of the abdomen before breakfast and in the thigh area before dinner. However, try not to inject insulin in the same area all the time because it will cause scarring which will then affect the absorbance of insulin.

Insulin is often injected sometime before meals, even though this also actually depends on the type of insulin used. This is because the insulin injected with the 31 Gauge insulin needles before meals will work better when the glucose from food is starting to enter the blood.

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