Are Beets Good For Diabetes: Beets for Diabetes Treatment

Are Beets Good for Diabetes and beets good for us

Beets which have Latin name, Beta Vulgaris also come with another names. Some people also call this vegetable as table beet, beetroot, and red beet. But whatever the names given, beets are widely known as vegetable that can be used to treat people with some illnesses, especially diabetes. But, is that opinion can be medically accepted? Are beets good for diabetes? Find the answer on the article below.

Are Beets Good for Diabetes and beets good for us

Beets and Their Benefits

Before we go further with the benefit of beets for diabetic treatment, it will be better if we figure out what beets actually. Beets are kind of vegetables. Ancient Roman used them for aphrodisiac. Despite their delicious taste for daily consumption, the vegetables also have good reputation as medical herb widely planted since ancient times.

It is believed that beets can cure some illnesses such as constipation, fever, and skin complaints.

 Are beets good for diabetes? Find the answer in this the article

They can be used to clean our pancreas. For you who are conducting diet program to lose weight, beets are also useful since they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are also useful for natural coloring. The beets’ root and leaves are edible. They can be consumed in raw, boiled, or you can mix them in vegetable salad.

Mostly beets grow in red color. But some species come with white color and golden. Beets have some varieties, one of them is sugar beet which becomes the main material for producing sugar beet.

Beets for Diabetics Treatment

Nowadays, diabetes is widely known as one of the most deadly illnesses on earth. The people life style, food and lack of exercises become the main trigger for them to suffer from this illness. There is no medication found to cure diabetes.

The drugs and other medical treatments given can only function to extend the people’s life and reduce the bad effects may cause by the illness. For some people who don’t want to depend on the medical treatments which can cause other health risks in the future, they use beets as the alternative treatment.

Are Beets Good for Diabetes an health

Based on medical researches, beets are useful to treat diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes. Drinking beet juice every day will decrease the glucose level in the blood.  Beets contain high folate, vitamin C, and alpha lipoic acid. The acid is an antioxidant that can lower the nerve damage level often experience buy people with diabetes.

Diabetes also makes people feel numb around their hands and feet. The alpha lipoic acid also can help them to reduce the numb effect. They have 64 of glycemic index to keep the sugar blood on the low level.

Recent studies show that if patients with diabetes consume beet juice continuously for about 2 weeks, the nitrate contained in the vegetable can increase their cognitive functions. Moreover, the nitrate is also useful to reduce the blood pressure.

The betalain and non betanin in beets can improve the insulin sensitivity as they reduce the level of glucose level within the blood. So, are beets good for diabetes? You have found out the answer now.

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