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in 2017 Astrazeneca Help With Prescriptions

Do you have any health problems? Do you need to buy some expensive medicine to treat your disease? Are you having a problem with your financial crisis? Well, you don’t need to be to worry. There is a special company which will help you to find the medicine with the prescription given. Many people are so interesting to find and ask Astrazeneca help with prescriptions.

in 2017 Astrazeneca Help With Prescriptions

What is Astrazeneca?

Astrazeneca is a kind of pharmaceutical company. It is the merger of English Zeneca group and Swedish Astra AB. This company provides so many kinds of medicine products for some kinds of diseases, such as anesthetics, diabetes, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious diseases, neuroscience, oncology, inflammatory and respiratory diseases.

Astrazeneca offers some kinds of programs which might be interesting for all of people around the world. The one who never have any health insurance, have the financial problem, and even have the Medicare part D can get the attractive program from this company.

Not only patient who can join and get the free medicine from this company. The doctor and caregiver might ask for help from Astrazeneca to help another people who might need the medicine in a hurry. They can also get the refill for more medicine from Astrazeneca. Astrazeneca help with prescriptions and you can join AZ & Me Prescription Saving program. This program is used to help the people in the United States to get easiness in finding the medicine.

People without insurance

People who have no health insurance can take the medicine from Astrazeneca company. They only need to apply and they will get the medicines according to the list without any cost. Then, the patient can even request and refill all of the medicines if they are finished already without no cost. Astrazeneca help with prescriptions saving program might be really helpful to get the best medicine if someone doesn’t join the insurance.

Medicare Part D

Astrazeneca help with prescription saving program is also available for the patients with medicare part D. The company will cover all of the medicine which are needed by the one with medicare part D without any cost. There are some kinds of products which are available, such as: brilinta, onglyza, lynparza, tagrisso, xigduo, faslodexa and many more kinds of medicine.

Who will be eligible for the program?

There are some requirements needed for the Astrazeneca help with prescriptions saving program. People need to fill in all of these requirements to get this program from this pharmaceutical company.

  1. It is only available for the United States residents or the one who has green card and work Visa.
  2. Never get and receive any paying help from the health insurance, government insurance and even the company insurance for the prescriptions.
  3. The annual income should be below $35.000 if you are single. Then, family of two should be under $48.000. it should be at or below $60.000 for family of three, Below $70.000 for family of four and then $80.000 for family of five.

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