Best Essential Oils for Diabetic Neuropathy

Essential oils for diabetic neuropathy can be the best solution for diabetic patients. This natural oil helps you treating diabetes. As we know, natural remedy is better than chemical medicine. There will not be side effects by consuming the natural extracts.

Besides that, diabetes neuropathy will cause numbness and pain in affected areas. That’s why you can use the essential oils in order to get the pain relief. Check reading below! This article is going to discuss about the essential oils as the diabetic treatment.

What is Essential Oil?

Essential Oils For Diabetic Neuropathy is very important to know

Essential oils are popular long time ago with their healing properties. They can help people soothing body and mind. They will also treat some numbers of diseases. That’s why they are often used for the alternative medication.

Meanwhile neuropathy is also called nerve damage. It will create the pain and numbness in your body. For diabetic patients, this condition will affect the feet and legs the most. Severe cases of this health disorder will cause some issues of digestive system and heart rate. Essential oils are used for helping you to relieve the symptoms although they need the medical research more.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Diabetic Neuropathy benefit for you

There are many benefits of essential oils for you. First of all, it will help you to relieve the pain of neuropathy. Next, there are certain oils that contain the antimicrobial properties. They will help you treating the infection.

You also need to know that essential oils are used often as the natural medicine. They will not only reduce the recovery time and relieve illness, but also:

–       Treating scrapes, cuts, and infections.

–       Purifying the air in our environment.

–       Balancing the hormones.

–       Alleviating tension, stress, and anxiety.

–       Helping you fall asleep easily.

Meanwhile for the neuropathy patients, it can relieve the pain and improve your digestive system. For your information, there are some recommended essential oils that can be used for diabetic neuropathy. Keep reading below! Here are the best essential oils for diabetic neuropathy.


Essential Oils For Diabetic Neuropathy is peppermint

This essential oil is popular to relax the muscles. It can also act as pain reliever and control muscle spasms. Researchers in 2002 found that the oil of topical peppermint helped a 76 year old woman for treating neuralgia.

Actually this woman was resistant with other therapies. But, she got better by using the peppermint oil. It can resist on relieving the pain about 4 to 6 hours after the application. There are also some evidences that peppermint oil can help reducing the irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and also relieving indigestion.

Roman Chamomile

Essential Oils For Diabetic Neuropathy is Roman Chamomile

This second essential oil can help soothing the painful muscles. There was a study in 2014 that proved Roman Chamomile provides the beneficial in inflammation case. It can also reduce the oxidative stress.


Essential Oils For Diabetic Neuropathy is lavender

Last, you can choose lavender as the recommended essential oil. It is very popular to relieve the pain and improve sleep. Besides that, the fragrance of lavender can calm and relax the stress condition. Finally, those are all about essential oils for diabetic neuropathy.

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