Best Healthy and Delicious Protein Snacks for Diabetics

high Protein Snacks For Diabetics

Protein Snacks For Diabetics? Why not? The diabetic people still need to snack to curb hunger without blow up the blood sugar. Snacking can be important thing when take medication. When you have diabetes, talk with your doctor to consult what the best snack that you need to take. Snacking for diabetic people will need at least 15-30 carbohydrate and amount at least 100-200 calories.

high Protein Snacks For Diabetics

Right Guide for Snacks For Diabetics

When you need to prepare your snack with diabetes, then you need to follow the guide below. This will give you right information for how you eat your snack properly.

  • Do not eat between two meals. This is the most common diabetic advice that useful for those who want to take any salt grains. When you get 4-5 hours meals distance, then a doctor might order to maintain blood sugar with snacking.

  • Check the ingredient. Avoid taking heavy processed cracker and chips.

  • Beware with carbs. Carbohydrate is the major cues for raising blood sugar causes. However, you still need carbs for your healthy diet. Down the carbohydrate snack into one or two serving a day.

  • Keep the calorie snacks less from 150 calories. Snacking can be a danger when it goes over and becomes extra meals. What the best thing to do? First, ensure that you are really hungry. Ensure that you eat not because you are stressed, get bored or craving.

  • Plate the snacks. Eat with plate is better than you eat with the snack bag. Put small portion in small plate, seal up the bag snack and put away.

  • Beware with low fat snacks. There is a research that found if people tend to eat more of snack when they eat low fat snacks. They think that they are saving calories and make they eat more snacks. The low fat snacks such as cookies are present 11% fewer calories rather than full fat.

Protein Snacks Examples for Diabetic

If you want to have Protein Snacks For Diabetics, there are several protein that available for diabetes. For diabetes people, take more protein and take less carbohydrate is great idea to try. This will not make your blood sugar rise.

  • Unsweetened yogurt. 8 ounce unsweetened yogurt contain 13 gram protein or about 26% from daily value for people who have 2000 calorie diet. Yogurt also source for calcium that maintains strong bone. Add high protein and low carbohydrate snack such as yogurt with broccoli and cauliflower.

  • Tuna fish. Add 3 ounce serving portion of tuna provide 16.5 gram protein. Tuna also provide omega 3 fatty acids that lower the heart disease when take regularly. This is important benefit for those diabetic people because diabetic people are risk for heart disease.

  • Cottage cheese. The 4 ounce non-fat cottage cheese contains 12 gram protein and become the good source for calcium. Add cottage cheese with celery sticks, cucumber slices, berries and melon for good snack.

  • Bean and low fat cheese. The next example of high Protein Snacks For Diabetics is 1 half cup fat free beans that contain 6 gram protein and one ounce of non fat cheddar cheese.

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