Best Place To Inject Insulin

Are you having diabetes and required to inject insulin by yourself? Well, then it is important to know the best place to inject insulin. Injecting insulin involves the use of syringes and it has been the most common way for diabetes treatment. The syringe itself varies according to the needle’s size and the amount of insulin needed to be injected. And, just like other syringes, it is made of plastic and has to be discarded following one use only. The standard length of syringe is 12.7 millimeters but there are also the shorter lengths commonly used. Today, injecting insulin with syringe is less painful.

important to know the best place to inject insulinInsulin has to be injected subcutaneously that the insulin is injected under the skin and into the fat layer. A short needle is usually used in this injection type so the needle can reach into fatty layer that is between muscle and skin. It is not recommended to inject insulin into the muscle because the body will absorb it too quickly so it doesn’t last long. Plus, it is also more painful and causes low blood glucose level. Some people inject insulin every day and it is necessary for them to rotate the injection sites every single time to avoid the so called lipodystrophy. This is a condition where the fat builds up or breaks down under the skin that leads to indentations or lumps interfering with insulin absorption.


Abdomen is among the most common sites for injecting insulin. In this best place to inject insulin, the insulin can be quickly absorbed. And, this area is also easy to reach. If you want to inject the insulin in this area, make sure to choose site between the pubic area and bottom of the ribs. Then, make sure to steer clear of the area at least 2 inch surrounding the navel. And, avoid certain areas like around the skin blemishes, moles and scars because it may interfere the way of the body in absorbing insulin. Another thing is to stay clear of varicose veins and broken blood vessels.


Thigh has also been another common best place to inject insulin. You have both the thighs available for the injection. Here are some tips. You can do the injection into the outer and top areas of your thigh. It should be about four inches below the top of the log. And, it should also be four inches up the knee. So, you get the fatty area which is a perfect site for insulin injection. Rotate between left and right thigh every time you inject the insulin.


The upper part of your body which makes a recommended site for best place to inject insulin is the arm. It is necessary to choose the fatty area that can be found on back of the arm which is between elbow and the shoulder. If it is a bit difficult to reach this area, ask your family to do the injection on this area.

Of course, anytime you inject insulin, it is necessary to check the quality. It should be in room temperature so you need to cool it down in case it was refrigerated.

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