Several Recommendations of Best Protein Shakes for Diabetics

you need recipe of best protein shakes for diabetics.

Smoothies and protein shakes become very popular in recent time. These ingredients become so popular because contain great ingredients which can bring you something new in your body. However, if you have diabetes, this is normal to wonder whether these drinks will affect your glucose level or not. Of course, you need recipe of best protein shakes for diabetics.

Whether you look for a thing which can help you to lose weight or you had been trying look for meal replacement for your busy day, the protein shake might work on you. If you are having diabetes, you can choose protein shake which fits with your diet plan and do not cause your glucose level getting higher. However, you should know that these protein shakes do not contain all of nutrition which your body need and it should not be your only intake food. You should call your doctor to discuss which one protein shake options which fit with your lifestyle.

you need recipe of best protein shakes for diabetics.

Here ingredients to make your best protein shakes for diabetics:

Protein shake with French Toast

The French toast often had been topped with powder sugar and pours it with syrup which can make this toast have very sweet taste. so, this is also one reason why French toast does not consider friendly meal for diabetes. Here coming this protein shake that give you great taste without extra sugar. The main ingredients are only using protein powder and the cottage cheese.


–       1 scoop vanilla protein (powdered0

–       ½ cup for cottage cheese (fat-free)

–       ½ tea spoon of cinnamons

–       1 tea spoon of maple extract

–       3-5 for stevia packet

–       Dash nutmeg

–       2 cups of water

–       ½ tea spoon of Xantham gum (this is optional)

–       ½ tea spoon of butter extract (this is optional)

–       Add around 10 ice cubes (depending on your taste)


–       You only need 5-10 minutes to make this protein shake

–       You can pour all of ingredients into blender and you can blend until the ingredients become creamy.

–       Then you can add light cream on the top and spread the cinnamon on it.

Protein shake with rice

You can make this shake using rice protein powder, you can add whey protein powder and fresh fruit. This also contains of nuts and flaxseed which very healthy along with healthy fiber as well. The surprise ingredient in this shake is the borage oil that contain of anti-inflammation agent. However, you cannot use borage oil if you are pregnant or you are in certain medication.


–       2 coops for rice protein powder

–       12 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds

–       1 tablespoon of borage oil

–       Ice cubes as you want

–       1,2 cups for fresh organic fruit, you can use raspberry, blueberry, bananas, pears and more.

–       ½ cups for nuts, this is optional such as; pecans, almonds, etc.


You only need to blend all of the ingredients until you get creamy composition.

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