The Blue Diamond Almond Flour Consumption—the Way to Maintain Our Health

a quarter cup of the Blue Diamond Almond Flour

Have you ever tried the Blue Diamond Almond Flour to bake cakes? If the answer is yes, then you are smart in choosing the best thing for your life. What do you know about Almond Flour? This is a kind of flavorful and fine flour that is delicious, moist and easy to use.

This flour is of course made from almond. The taste is good and also nutritious. Besides for cakes, people usually use it for hot cereals, smoothies, and bread crumb coatings. People also love Almond Flour since it’s gluten-free. People doing carbohydrate diet will choose this kind of flour.

 a quarter cup of the Blue Diamond Almond Flour

Bakers will choose Almond Flour if they want to bake without grains. Those wanting to have healthy and beautiful skin also will love Almond Flour for a cup of Almond Flour containing ninety almonds is enough for daily Vitamin E consumption.

Let’s see more about Almond Flour that is great for health.

Why people who concern about their health love consuming the Blue Diamond Almond Flour

  • This kind of flour helps manage blood sugar for diabetes. Experts have proved that almond can decrease levels of post-meal blood glucose or called postprandial glycemia, oxidative damage, and insulin in the blood. The antioxidants will increase after consuming Almond Flour.
  • Almond Flour is also good to boost heart health. Fat in almond is sixty-five percents monounsaturated. This is good to maintain levels of cholesterol, so automatically good for heart. Experts have proved that by consuming Almond Flour, people can keep the blood vessels healthy. This will decrease the risks of coronary heart diseases. If we consume fifty grams of this kind of flour every day, we will have healthy heart.
  • By consuming Almond Flour regularly, we can improve our energy levels. It contains riboflavin, copper, and manganese. The riboflavin or called Vitamin B2 can create, function, grow, and develop red blood cells. The copper and manganese are as the enzymes called superoxide dismutase. These two can deactivate the free radicals located in mitochondria. This enzymes are to keep the energy flowing.
  • By consuming Almond Flour, we will also be able to discourage formation of cancer. Experts from California University have revealed that Almond can decrease the colon cancer risks. The fat inside almonds that is high healthy is anticancer.
  • People having large waist should consume this kind of flour regularly since a low-calorie diet with only consuming three ounces of almonds per day, will make the waist slimmer. The Almond Flour consumption will lower the risks of metabolic syndrome.

What are in a quarter cup of the Blue Diamond Almond Flour:

  • 160 calories
  • 14 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • 6 grams of protein
  • 13.6 milligrams of Vitamin E
  • 1.1 milligrams of iron
  • 65.2milligrams of Magnesium
  • 160.4 milligrams of Potassium
  • 57.4 milligrams of Calcium

Surely, you can’t wait to consume this kind of flour judging from what contains in such a small amount of Almond Flour. Not only you will be healthier, but you will also save money. It’s economical enough. Hopefully, this article about the Blue Diamond Almond Flour will make you more aware to boost your health.

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