Can Neuropathy Be Reversed?

Can Neuropathy Be Reversed? The answer is no

Can Neuropathy Be Reversed might be the big question which many people cannot help but ask if they have to deal with diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes surely becomes the condition which makes people have to struggle a lot. Various changes should be done in their life for making sure that they can live almost normally. People really want to be free from the diabetes but in many cases, it is impossible. Nevertheless, people are still asking if they can reverse the diabetic neuropathy. It is better to learn more about this condition so people can take the best way to manage their body with diabetic neuropathy.

Can Neuropathy Be Reversed? The answer is no

Key Points

People have to know more about neuropathy. It is kind of condition which damages the nerve cells which are important for touch, movement, as well as sensation. When people are talking about diabetic neuropathy, it means that there is nerve damage which is caused by diabetes. It is associated with the high blood sugar content which can be found in someone’s body. This is the common effect of diabetes which can be developed in many diabetics after all. There are some key points which people have to remind about diabetic neuropathy after all. There is no way this condition can be reversed. The nerve damage in this circumstance cannot be reversed. However, people can still prevent the additional damage to their nerves by managing the blood sugar level. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can be managed by the medication prescribed by the doctor.


Can Neuropathy Be Reversed? The answer is no. it cannot be reversed because the body cannot repair the damaged nerve tissues naturally. However, there is still investigation by the researchers for treating the nerve damage which is caused by diabetic condition. It is sad that diabetic neuropathy cannot be reversed but there are some ways which can be taken for managing the condition. They have to lower the blood sugar. They also have to treat the nerve pain. They also must not forget to check their feet in regular basis for making sure that there is no wound, injury, or infection.

Blood Sugar Level Controlling

There is no question that blood sugar level control is crucial in the diabetic neuropathy management because it is useful for preventing the additional damage to the nerves. It means that they have to avoid the foods which come with high sugars. They should choose foods with high fiber, healthy fats, vegetables, and proteins which are based on plant. Exercise is also important for managing the blood sugar level. They have to do the exercise at least five times each week. Each time they should exercise at least 30 minutes. The exercise routine should include weight training as well as aerobic activity.  The blood sugar level should also be monitored based on the recommendation from the doctor.

The level should also be recorded for identifying the patterns as well as unusual changes of the blood glucose level. Oral medication or insulin should also be taken based on doctor’s instruction. There will be no more question about Can Neuropathy Be Reversed.

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