Recommended Cold Cereal for Diabetics

cold cereal for diabetics that you must know

If you are diabetic, you may want to know about recommended cold cereal for diabetics. As people who experience diabetes, controlling diet menu is really important. As we know that diabetics should not consume too much calories because it will harm themselves.

cold cereal for diabetics that you must know

But, sometime it makes diabetics feel so confuse to choose their diet. When it happens, they can choose cold cereal. Actually, there are some recommended cold cereals for diabetics. Read some information below to know more about it.

Cold Cereal for Diabetics

As mentioned before, cold cereal for diabetics is good choice to control your diet. Nowadays, there are so many types of cold cereal for diabetics. It may make you feel so confuse to choose the best one. Before choosing it, make sure you have known about best requirements of cold cereal. Make sure you have known requirement per serving, so your blood sugar can be controlled.

What are requirements per serving of cold cereal for diabetics? You can choose cold cereal that consists of 150 calories or less, 1 g saturated fat or less, at least 3 g fiber, less than 8 g sugars, 30 g carb or less, less than 30% of calories from fat, and doesn’t contain trans fat. With this cold cereal, you can control your blood sugar and avoid bad risk of diabetes.

What Are Recommended Cold Cereals for Diabetics?

Now, let’s we talk about recommended cold cereal for diabetics. For you who feel so confuse to choose best cold cereal for yourself, here are some recommendation for you:

1. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

 cold cereal for diabetics is good

It is cold cereal for diabetics that can be your recommendation. Different from other cereals that contain too much sugar, this cold cereal comes with low sugar level. Not only that, it also contains fiber that is useful for your health. As we know that fiber is good for your digestive system and can improve metabolism process.

2. Kellogg’s Special K Blueberry

 information about cold cereals for diabetics

It is other recommended cold cereal for diabetics. Many people said that Kellogg’s Special Blueberry has good taste. It doesn’t contain much sugar, but the taste is delicious. So, it can be the choice for you who want to eat delicious cereal that will not harm yourself.

3. Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran

list Cold Cereal for Diabetics

Many people want to eat cereal because cereal is crunchy. If you search for crunchy cereal that contains enough nutrition, you can choose Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran. The taste is good, and this cereal is not only cold cereal for diabetics, but it is also good for kids who want to be healthy.

4. General Mills Honey Kix

Cold Cereal for Diabetics at walmart

For you who like vanilla taste, General Mills Honey Kix can be your recommendation. It is cold cereal for diabetics that contains low calories, but contains enough fiber. So, you can consume big portion of this cereal without worrying about calories.

Actually, there are still many recommended cold cereal for diabetics, such as General Mills MultiGrain Cheerios, Traders Joe’s Triple Berry-O’s, Post Bran Flakes, and many more. Hopefully, some information about cold cereals for diabetics above will help you to find good cold cereal for yourself.


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