The Costco Blood Pressure Monitor – The Best One to Choose

People with high blood pressure who concern of their health probably have Costco Blood Pressure Monitor. What is so special about it? Before we talk more and more about that, we should know why people with high blood pressure need to have blood pressure monitor. This is to help their health care provider monitor the medicine and treatment given.

Kinds of Costco Blood Pressure Monitor

However, we need to know that the blood pressure monitor isn’t as the substitution of the visit to doctors. Don’t ever stop the medication even if the blood pressure is lower or turns normal without the doctor’s advice.

If you wonder of how to choose the best blood pressure monitor, see the explanation below first :

Kinds of Costco Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Manual. With this monitor, you will be able to listen to pulse. This is so accurate and reasonable in price. However, it is not easy to use so you need practice more.
  • Semi-Automatic. With stethoscope and screen, you will have more accurate result clearly. This kind of device is more expensive than the manual one, but it can track the result of the blood pressure over and over.
  • Wrist-Finger Blood Pressure Monitor. This device is used simply by placing it to your finger or wrist. However, it’s not as accurate as the automatic one although the price is almost the same with the automatic one.
  • Modern Blood Pressure Monitor. This digital monitor will help you track your blood pressure result since it has memory. It can be connected to your smart phone and computer to see and store the readings. This device is relatively expensive and takes time to be able to use it. However, the instruction to use is easy and simple.

Now you know the kinds of blood pressure monitor from Costco. Before making up your mind, it is better if you read the tips below:

  • The blood pressure monitors you choose has to be clinically validated.
  • If you want the automatic one, you should choose the one to put in the upper arm. It gives more accurate and more consistent result.
  • The automatic blood pressure is completed with cuff. Make sure the cuff fits your upper arms best. Why is this so important? The loose one won’t give accurate result.

Since blood pressure is one of the markers to show our health, those tend to have high blood pressure no doubt should have it. Whether the result is good or not, high blood pressure sufferers still need to go to their doctor. Generally, the device will have three parts: the stethoscope, gauge, and the cuff. When you have bought the Costco Blood Pressure Monitor, you may have to do the things below.


  • If you have used the device but if your heartbeat is abnormal, you should go to your physician.
  • You need to tell your health provider about the monitor you buy. This will help you and the health provider take care about your health easily.

So, what do you think? After reading this article about Costco Blood Pressure Monitor, hopefully you will be more aware in the importance of taking care of your health.

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