How to Choose Cough Syrup for Diabetics

For people with diabetes, sickness as mild as cold can truly be troublesome. The ailment itself does not endanger their health or life, but the medicine used for treating it is often contraindicated with their condition. Symptoms like coughs can often be relieved only by taking syrup, which contains sugar, which is bad for their diabetes. Diabetic people thus need to know how to pick the right cough syrup for diabetics. If you are diabetic who is dealing with coughs, you should know whether the sugar content of the syrup is dangerous for your health and whether you should pick a sugar-free drug to treat your condition.

 sugar-free cough syrup for diabetics

Is the Sugar in Cough Syrup Harmful for Your Health?

Before you buy and use sugar-free cough syrup for diabetics, the first option that is often available for you when it comes to choosing the right medicine for your condition a syrup that contains sugar. The question is, is the sugar content of the syrup dangerous for your condition? When you read the label of the cough syrup, you will see that the drug is not recommended for people with diabetes.

The most common message printed on the label is that you need to ask your doctor before taking the drug if you have heart problem, high blood pressure or diabetes. By looking at the label alone, you should already know that the drug should be taken with caution, especially if you are diabetic.

So, the drug tells you that as a diabetic, you should consult your doctor before trying to take the drug. But doctor is not available all the time, right? So, most of the time, you need to rely on your own judgment to determine whether the sugar-containing drug is safe for you to use. If you want to avoid sugar completely, then you need to avoid using sugar-containing cough syrup and choose sugar-free cough syrup for diabetics instead, especially because the sugar content of the drug doesn’t actually play any role in relieving your coughs because sugar is used in cough syrup simply for its bodying effects.

However, if you think that the amount of sugar in cough syrup is so small that the remedial effect of the syrup far outweighs the harmful effect of its sugar content, you can give the syrup a try with caution and—if possible—with doctor’s supervision.

What Kind of Sugar-free Cough Medicine Is Available for Diabetics?

As a matter of fact, there is a significant number of types of sugar-free cough medicines that are available over the counter. The easiest to find is cough pill. Cough pill doesn’t contain sugar and is thus safe to use for people with diabetes. You should read the label, though, to make sure that the pill doesn’t contain carbohydrates and, especially, sugar.

If you prefer syrup due to its refreshing and relieving effects when it passes your throat, several types of sugar-free cough syrup for diabetics, especially antitussive dextromethorphan sold with brand names Delsym or Diabetic Tussin NT, are available. They contain zero sugar and is thus safe to take if you have diabetes, though consulting a doctor before choosing any of those drugs is still recommended.

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