Diabetes Facts: How Diabetes Symptoms in Women Over 40

So, there are the diabetes symptoms in women over 40

Diabetes symptoms in women over 40 are generally different than the symptoms that appear in men. Diabetes is considered as the metabolic disease. When a person has high level of blood sugar due to the issues in processing and producing insulin, it can be considered as diabetes. Of course this disease can affect anyone and it does not see the age, racial, and gender. There are several differences on the death race between men and women since women are more prone to the death due to diabetes. The factors are such as:

  • Women commonly get the less aggressive medication and treatment for risk factors of cardiovascular and other conditions related to the diabetes.

  • When there is such complication of diabetes in women’s body, it seems to be more difficult to be diagnosed.

  • The heart disease in women develops more different kinds than in men.

  • Inflammation and hormones give different effect in women.

So, there are the diabetes symptoms in women over 40

So, in this article I will show you the diabetes symptoms in women over 40. It will be as same as what happens in men but some of them may be kind of unique though. Understanding the symptoms will be helpful in order to identify the diabetes in your body as well as finding the early treatments.

Vaginal and oral infections or vaginal thrush

When the yeast is getting overgrowth due to the candida fungus, it can cause yeast infections of vaginal or oral, depends on where the candida fungus is. Besides, it is also possible to develop vaginal thrush. This infection is more common in women.

When the infection grows in the vaginal area, the signs may include soreness, itching, vaginal discharge, and even painful sex. If the infection occurs in oral then it can cause the cottage-cheese coating on your tongue and other area inside your mouth. The growth of fungus is triggered by the high level of glucose.

Urinary infection

A diabetic woman has higher risk of developing urinary tract infection or UTI. UTI that is left untreated can cause infection in kidney. This disease is more common in diabetic women because the circulation is poor. Besides, the lack of white blood cells to move up into the bloodstream, and kill the infections may be the other cause.

Sexual dysfunction

High blood glucose can damage the fibers of nerves. It can lead to diabetic neuropathy. On the other hands, this condition can trigger the numbness and tingling on some body parts. It includes the legs, feet, and hands. This condition can also affect the vaginal area as well as the sex drive of women that lies on the lower body part.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

When the adrenal gland produces too much amount of male hormones, this disorder may appear. The signs of this condition are such as depression, acne, weight gain, and also irregular periods. Besides developing the insulin resistance, the worst effect is infertility. This condition happens due to the elevated levels of blood sugars. So, there are the diabetes symptoms in women over 40.

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