Diabetic Medicines That Cause Weight Loss

Diabetic medicines that cause weight loss become one of the most important thing searched by people who suffered from diabetes. Since diabetic people could not stabilize the production of their insulin hormone, they look for another thing they could use as a substitution. Medicines indeed could solve this problem. However, some of these medicines sometimes cause the people who consume it gain some weight. If you want to know the right medicine you could take that cause weight loss as well, then the information from the following lists is what you need to read.

you must know Diabetic Medicines That Cause Weight Loss


It is the first medicine on the list of diabetic medicines that cause weight loss that we recommend you to try. The food and drug administration already approved the work of this medicine for type 2 diabetes around 2005. Sometimes, this medicine also called as exenatide.

This medicine would help the metabolism process of the blood sugar level. The consumer of this medicine would not have the urge to consume foods in large amount that is not necessary for the body. It is because the blood sugar already processed more efficiently by the help of this medicine.  Through many studies, the company that produced this medicine claimed that people should consume this medicine frequently to get the result they dream. Regular consuming of this medicine for 30 weeks will result in the loss of 4 lbs. A patient ever proved the effective work of this medicine by taking 10 mcg. He keeps this regular habit for 24 weeks. As a result, 6 lbs of weight reduced while he could still maintain a healthy life as well.


The second recommended item from the list of diabetic medicines that cause weight loss is metformin. It even prescribed in doctor’s medication often to give treatment for the patient who suffers from type 2 diabetes.

This medicine could help the body to increase the production of insulin. Besides, it could control the level of blood sugar, as well as the process of absorbing glucose from the foods. If you look from the origin name of this medicine, it has a relation with glucophage. An article in 2001 ever stated that the properties of it could reduce the appetite, thus it could loss the weight. A study in 2001 also showed same result. The study used some women as the subject. 80% of them who consume metformin regularly on a low calorie lost 10% of their body weight. The experiment held for 12 month and published under the journal of heart disease.

Things to consider

People who suffer from diabetes often faced the problem of gaining weight. As stated by the Johns Hopkins Health Alert, once the patients stimulate their appetite, it will result to the growth of fat cells. Therefore, the medication they take should concern about it to. By the help of byetta or metformin as the diabetic medicines that cause weight loss, patients could solve the problem. However, they need the approval from the doctor first before taking these diabetic medicines that cause weight loss.


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