Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers​ Program and Classes

Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers​? is perhaps one of the most common questions that many senior citizens ask when they make a decision on purchasing a health insurance. As a health wellness program specifically designed to promote fun physical exercise for older adults, this program has long been considered as one of the most effective programs in keeping them engaged and healthy.

Said exercise program is filled with fun fitness activities and, not to forget, many social activities to not only keep them interested, but also to encourage them to life a much healthier lifestyle in the long run.

to find out Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers​ as its added benefit

How does SilverSneakers work?

Before we answer the infamous Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers​ question, let’s find everything we need to know about the program first. Nationwide, there are more than 12,000 locations including gyms such as YMCAs and the infamous Gold Gym, as well as many other fitness facilities.

When you own a Silver Sneakers membership, you are not only given access to so many of these wonderful facilities, but also free access to fitness amenities such as showers and changing rooms as well as the endless on-site fitness equipment.

You will be assigned to your own personal Program Advisor who will give you specific guidelines on how to achieve your fitness and wellness goals, but they are also there to demonstrate how to use each of the fitness equipments in the center.

Whether it is flexibility, strength or endurance, you will be taught by certified instructors. However, it is worth noting that the SilverSneakers membership does not cover additional services such as massages and personal trainers.

What does a SilverSneakers membership consist of?

As it has already been stated, the SilverSneakers fitness program does not cover any service that is considered as a benefit that goes beyond your fitness facility’s basic membership. Other than having all-access to all of the participating fitness facilities, the program also offers the following:

  • A dedicated Program Advisor who will serve as an informational guide to the fitness facilities of your choice

  • An online resource to help members monitor their fitness progress, watch various exercise videos, find healthy and nutritious recipes, track their health and many more over at

  • Any special event and seminar that is related to fitness and health

  • SilverSneakers Steps service for those who do not live anywhere around a participating fitness facility

If you desire other type of services, more so the ones which are not listed above, be aware that it may require you to pay additional fees.

So does Medicare also cover this SilverSneakers program?

The Original Medicare (namely the Part A as well as the Part B) indeed does not cover any type of health and wellness program – that is including the SilverSneakers. However, there are a few Medicare Advantage Plans typically offered by private insurance companies which includes the SilverSneakers program as its extra benefit.

Providing the same coverage as the one found in Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage Plans provide various benefits beyond what both Medicare have to offer. Contact your Customer Service now to find out Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers​ as its added benefit.

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