Early Signs of Diabetes In Men Type II and Medication

Early Signs of Diabetes In Men appears is great to prevent

Detect the Early Signs of Diabetes In Men will prevent them from worst diabetes development. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition where body is unable to produce insulin, cannot use insulin, or both of it. This make blood sugar level come up and when not treated well can lead into uncontrolled complications. The health complications can be serious cardiovascular disease, problem in eye, skin and kidney system. Diabetes also can cause erectile dysfunction and urological problem in men. When a person take awareness or pay attention to their health especially when they feel the signs, it can help them to treat the diabetes well.

Early Signs of Diabetes In Men appears is great to prevent

Type 2 Diabetes Definition

Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes and become the most common form of diabetes where this has   affected about 90% men with diabetes. Different from people that have diabetes type 1, people that suffer diabetes type 2 is able to produce insulin but the insulin is not enough or the body not recognize it or unable to use insulin in proper way. The condition is called with insulin resistance. General signs of diabetes are often undetected early because the signs look as not as serious indication until it getting worst. Some of general signs of diabetes include:

  • The frequent urination

  • The blurred vision

  • Suddenly weight loss even without diet

  • Tingling and numbness in feet and hand, unusual tired and fatigue.

When the early signs of the diabetes are not treated well, then serious complications will occurs. Watch the Early Signs of Diabetes In Men can prevent from next step of diabetes symptom such as erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation, damage in nervous system, and any urologic issues.

The Risk Factor of Diabetes in Men

While you are recognizing the signs and symptom of diabetes in men, then it is important for less your risk of diabetes. There are several factors that also increase the risk for getting the diabetes in men includes: smoking, overweight, less physical activity, has high blood pressure, have high cholesterol level, and older than 40 years old. Stop smoking, get exercise, improve healthy lifestyle and keep the blood glucose in control is one way to prevent diabetes complications and urological complications.

Treating Diabetes in men

There are several ways that able to practice for treating diabetes in men.

  • Medication. Medication that mixed with prostaglandins can help to treat erectile dysfunction. Take consultation with urologist or endocrinologist also good idea to treat the low testosterone level effects. Low testosterone is common result of diabetes that results in men.

  • Lifestyle changes. There are several healthy changes that can result great impact to wellbeing and physical in men with diabetes. Balance meals with healthy eating using combination of fruits and vegetables, proteins, fats, and starches can delay the onset from diabetes signs. Avoid any excessive use of sugar, especially in soda and candy. Take regular exercise and manage the blood sugar level as soon as the Early Signs of Diabetes In Men appears is great to prevent the complications occur.

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