Friendly Dessert Recipes For Diabetics

after 8 hours chilling as Dessert Recipes For Diabetics

Dessert Recipes For Diabetics surely will break common people opinion about the diabetics who could not enjoy dessert any longer. It might be true that desserts are identical with sweet things and this can be the reason why people with diabetes cannot eat the dessert. However, being diabetics do not mean that people have to suffer a lot. They can still eat dessert even if they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. People just have to remind that they really have to choose the desert carefully. They also have to limit their portions. It will be better for them saving the dessert for special occasions only. There are some recipes of dessert which can be friendly for diabetics which can be tried.

after 8 hours chilling as Dessert Recipes For Diabetics

Black Forest Trifle

Many people think that diabetics cannot have chocolate because of sugar intake. It means that they have to forget about the delicious taste of black forest which becomes many people’s favorite dessert. The chocolate great taste can still be enjoyed with black forest trifle recipe after all.

Let’s find out further about the way for making the Dessert Recipes For Diabetics. First of all, people have to prepare the ingredients. For making black forest trifle, people have to prepare a package of chocolate cake mix which is low in fat and sugar free. ¾ cup of water should also be prepared along with a package of chocolate instant pudding mix which is fat free and sugar free, two cups of fat free milk, a package of frozen pitted cherries without sugar addition, 2-3 drops of red food coloring, two cups of fat free frozen whipped topping which is thawed, as well as sugar free chocolate curls.


Before people can get involved with all of the ingredients for making the black forest trifle, people have to preheat the oven at 375 degrees first. Because the instant cake mix and pudding mix are used for making this recipe, there is no doubt that the making process will be very easy and quick. The cake mix should be prepared according to the directions on the package. ¾ cup of water will be used for preparing the cake mix after all. After the cake is ready, people can cut the chocolate cake into cubes. The pudding mix should also be prepared according to the directions on the package. In this process, two cups of fat free milk will e used.

The pudding should be chilled for at least 30 minutes before it can be used for assembling the black forest trifle. The cherries must be thawed so there will be ¼ cup of juice reserved. The juice of the cherries can be combined with the cherries and the food coloring then. Half of the cake cubes should be placed in the 3 quart trifle bowl. Half of the cherries can be spooned over the cake next. Over the cherries, a cup of pudding can be spread. Half of the whipped topping can be added on the top of the layers. The layers should be repeated one more time. Chocolate curls can be used for garnish and the black forest trifle is ready to serve after 8 hours chilling as Dessert Recipes For Diabetics.

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