Healthy Low Calorie Coffee Creamer Alternative

Low calorie coffee creamer can be the guardian angel of you especially if you are a coffee addict. Adding creamer on the coffee will definitely give another delicious taste on it. But do you know if the sugary creamer can be bad for you? Well, if that is what you do in years then I think you have major upgrade on it. You are still able to add the creamer on your coffee but these options will be healthier.

healthy low calorie coffee creamer

By swapping your regular creamer with low calorie coffee creamer, you will get healthier coffee on each of your morning without have to sacrifice the taste. Besides the fewer calories provided by these creamer alternatives, it also allows you to have the creamy texture just like what you get every day. So, keep reading.


The first healthy alternative for your coffee creamer is the butter. It will give you the creamy texture and delicious taste on your coffee. And I strongly recommend you to add the healthy fat in it like the butter of grass-fed. Hush Destination’s Brittany Poole who has specialization on vacations of digital detox also explains her favorite of coffee combo.

Putting the coffee creamer which means the extra fat will help your body to slowly respond the caffeine flow. It is really helpful to make you stay focus in the morning without experiencing the crash. Butter in black coffee tastes better than latte after all.

Cacao butter

Maybe a slice of butter in the morning coffee is just not your thing. But you can also try the cacao butter which will give you the taste of chocolate. You can but cacao butter from health store nearby. Small chunk of it will give different taste in your coffee. But make sure you put the small chunk of it when your coffee is still hot.

The fat will melt and then you can mix it in order to create coffee with a bit chocolate taste in your morning. A teaspoon of cocoa powder will work better if you like stronger taste of chocolate.

Egg yolks

Some people would immediately reject this option even before they try it. So, you better try it before you judge it. Egg yolk is going to provide the creamy texture with flavorful creamer on you morning coffee. Other than that, this thing offers huge health benefit to your body. If you are not sure to consume raw egg yolk then you can choose the pasteurized option. Besides, whip cream is also made by this as one of the whole ingredients.


Honey is commonly associated with tea. However, honey will create great texture as well as yummy flavor on your morning coffee. You also have replaced sugar in your coffee which is the good news. You just need to put two tablespoons or less of honey in your morning coffee. Americans consume 20 teaspoons of sugar on each day. Replacing it with sugar will be a bold way to cut that unhealthy habit. This will be a tasteful and healthy low calorie coffee creamer.

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