How to Conduct Heating Pad Burns Treatment at Home

Heating pad as pain relieve is now widely used for home remedial as it is simple and easy to use. It is one of the best things you can use to relax your strain muscles.

The pad placed in your sore neck, back, and legs will produce warm to reduce the pain.

Heating Pad Burns Treatment in your home

Using heating pad in the end of the day to relieve pain of the stiff body after working all day long is something fun and comforting.

There are some types of heating pad you can use. Hot water bottles are kind of homemade heating pad you can create yourself at home.

But if you want to have something more practical for daily used pad, you can get electrical and chemical heating pad which are available in the market.

However, despite of its benefits to release pain, using heating pad can also cause burning on the skin. How could it possibly happen? What heating pad burns treatment can we do to heal the wounds?

What Causes Heating Pad Burns?

The level of tolerable heat degree when using heating pad is 120 degree. It is commonly a save level of usage. Most of time, heating pad burn is not caused by the heat degree but the careless act.

The most common reason is that people forget to remove the heating pad when they fall asleep so they don’t realize when their skin gets burned.

For some cases, people also put the heating pad under patients’ body who are suffered from neuropathies without companion.

Neuropathies make them get difficult to move their body when the heating pad gets hotter. But the wounds will not get worse and can be cured easily if the right heating pad burns treatment done as soon as possible.

Conducting Heating Pad Burns Treatment

If burning occurs after the using of heating pad, the first aid treatment should be done quickly to prevent the wounds get worse and wider. The following are some steps for doing heating pad burns treatment at home.

  • Hold the burns under cool water. The very first thing you should do as the first aid is holding the burns under the cool water for about 10 up to 15 minutes. If it is possible, you better use cool and running water. But, if there is no running water in your home, you can replace it with cold compresses, or you can immerse the burning in cold water for quick help.
  • Avoid the Using of Butter. You might ever hear from old people that butter can relieve pain cause by burning. That is absolutely incorrect. In spite of reducing the pain, butter will make the burns worse. It is because butter can make the heat stays longer in the damaged skin which later causes infection. So, just avoid using butter.
  • After the burning area gets cooler, the next thing you can do is applying mild moisturizer or lotion on it. They function to avoid dryness on the burning area.
  • The next step for doing heating pad burns treatment is covering the burning area with sterile bandage. Don’t wrap the wound tightly with the bandage to avoid pressure.
  • If fluid-filled blisters exist on the burning area, just avoid breaking them. Let them break by themselves and you can put antibiotic after that.

Those are some heating pad burns treatment you can do at home. Immediately see the professional if the wounds do not relieve after some days.

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