Information about Insulin Pumps and How Do Insulin Pumps Work

you may wonder about how do insulin pumps work

If you had been diagnoses diabetes in your body, of course you will feel overwhelmed by all of new information that you should learn and keep going to learn about how to manage your diabetes as well. You already known that your primary goal is controlling your glucose level in order to increase your fee live without have diabetes and getting healthier, there are many people know this thing, however you need to find out how you can achieve proper and good diabetes management while you are balancing your demands in daily basis with the other demands in your life as well. This is not easy task that you can do within few days. It takes a strong commitment. So many people also knowing about insulin pump which can help you to manage your diabetes, but you may wonder about how do insulin pumps work.

you may wonder about how do insulin pumps work

So, what is an insulin pump?

Insulin pump is the device around cell phone size which contain of cartridge of the rapid acting insulin. This pump featuring with screen and buttons to program the pump’s internal computer, and right motor which pushing the insulin from the cartridge toward your body via thin tube that also called as the infusion set. So, an insulin pump can help to manage your diabetes, even you are also able to get insulin injection and adjusting your life with how is insulin working on you. When you work along with your diabetes care team, this insulin pump can help you to maintain your glucose level into your range target. If you wondering about how do insulin pumps work, so you can check information bellow.

How it works?

Your insulin pump will deliver rapid or the short acting insulin within 24 years a day via catheter which had been located under the patient’s skin. The insulin doses will be divided into:

–       The basal rates

–       The bolus doses in order to cover the carbs in meals

–       Correction doses

The insulin basal will be delivered continuously during 24 hours and keeping your glucose level around meals and overnight as well. Sometime, you might adjust different amount of insulin in different time between day and night as well. You should consult with your diabetes care team or your doctor. When you eat, you are able to use the button on insulin pump and give the additional insulin which had been called as the glucose level.

You can take the bolus in order to cover you carbohydrates in each meal as mentioned before. If you eat over than you had planned, you need simply program into larger bolus of insulin. You also able to take bolus to cure your high level of glucose, if you have high glucose level before you had a meal, you can give correction or supplemental bolus to bring back in your target range as well. So, this is can be your best way to maintain your glucose level, but you should work closely with your doctor.

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