How Much Does Insulin Cost for Popular Brands

Expensive can be simple answer for question about How Much Does Insulin Cost

How Much Does Insulin Cost recently is getting asked more frequently because the diabetes case is increasing time after time. We can make sure that many people have to deal with diabetes and there will be various things needed for making sure that they can keep their life as normal as possible.

In this circumstance, taking insulin must be one crucial thing which should be done for keeping the blood sugar near to normal level. Nevertheless, people really have to be wise when choosing the brand of insulin especially if they want to get the affordable insulin. Here are the prices of some popular insulin products.

Expensive can be simple answer for question about How Much Does Insulin Cost

Price Range

This is kind of insulin which is long acting type. Compared to other brands of insulin products, Lantus can be considered more popular and the price offered is about $266. Of course people can find other insulin product in the market with higher price range such as Humalog which has $529 price for this short acting type of insulin. It seems like the price of the insulin products differ based on the way the insulin will react in the body.

People can find the intermediate acting type of insulin product which comes with higher price than the long acting type. Nevertheless, people must admit that insulin cost is not cheap at all. People must not forget that the insulin will be used in long term and asking about How Much Does Insulin Cost is pretty wise because they have to be ready with the expense for keeping their blood sugar level as normal as possible.

Unaffordable Price of Insulin

The diabetic patients are increasing time after time and we can make sure that it means there will be more people who will need insulin for helping them keep the blood sugar level low. However, people have to face the fact about the price of insulin which is unaffordable. There are some reasons for this condition after all. Captive market can be the very first reason. More and more people want to buy insulin because if they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, they will not be able to live without the support of insulin.

They do not have any choice because they have to buy for helping them alive. There is no competition which can be found in the market because in the United States, there are only three manufacturers of so many insulin products which are offered in the market. With this amount of manufacturers, people cannot say that there will be real competition in insulin production. The more important reason why people cannot find the insulin product with affordable price is because there is no generic version of this product in the market. There is possibility for lowering the price of insulin but it is not allowed because insulin is included in biologic drug class. The tests until the insulin is allowed to be sold will be extremely strict since it is type of biologic drug. Expensive can be simple answer for question about How Much Does Insulin Cost.

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