How to Fix Cracked Toenails by Yourself at Home

How to fix cracked toenails at home

How to fix cracked toenails at home is what you need to know for earlier treatment. It is also important information for those who have limited time and you have to treat it faster. In fact, the way to treat cracked toenails depends on the cause. Let’s discuss it a little bit and hopefully you can solve the problem perfectly.

How to fix cracked toenails at home

Fix Cracked Toenails Caused by Trauma

If the cracked toenails are caused by trauma, you should check the condition of the toe first. Check it carefully whether you see bleeding or not. If you see bleeding, just press the bleeding with clean and dry cloth or bandage to stop it. Trim the nail down if there is a chuck nail hanging off. Clean the affected area before treating it with specific medicine.

When it is clean enough, use antibiotic and then cover it with bandage. What you have to do next is waiting for the result and hopefully this simple treatment can fix the cracked toenails without triggering more problems. For better treatment, you can also visit a podiatrist.

Fix Cracked Toenails Caused by Repair

How to fix cracked toenails if you only to repair it? Actually, you can do several treatments. The simplest one is by applying nail repair kits. The kit is easy to buy at the local drugstores near to your living area. The secret of this kit is the acrylic solution which can be painted to your nails.

If you think it takes time, you can skip it and use nail polish only. The nail polish is useful to hold the nail together. To make it perfect, you can also use coffee filter or tea bag. Prepare the coffee filter or the tea bag by cutting it to cover the nail. When it is ready, start to polish the nail and cover up with the tea bag you have prepared before.

Just do it regularly until the new nail grows. It seems strange to use superglue to fix your cracked toenails but it is real! You just have to glue the cracked nail together. The most important thing is that you should check the condition of the cracked first. If there are no open wounds and bleeding, you can apply this treatment.

Fix Cracked Toenails by Visiting Podiatrist

For those who are a little bit worry with the condition of the cracked nails, it is better to visit podiatrist. It is necessary to do especially if you see bleeding or open wound around the cracked nails.

Don’t apply any treatment except clean the affected area with antibiotic to prevent bacteria or any dangerous substance with can trigger irritation or infection. Later, the podiatrist gives you some advices due to the best treatment to fix the cracked toenails.

The best way to fix cracked toenails is by finding out the cause first. As long as the crack is caused by trauma, you can apply the treatments above. If it is not, you should go to the podiatrist and ask about how to fix cracked toenails safely with maximal result.

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