How to Lower A1C Quickly and Effectively

How to lower A1C quickly is very important to know. A1C shows the level of your blood sugar or glucose. The higher the A1C, it means you have higher level of blood sugar or glucose in your body. So, it is a must to keep it normal. The normal level of blood sugar can prevent the risk of diabetes complication. There are several ways you can do to lower the level A1C quickly. Hopefully, it helps you.

How to lower A1C quickly is very important to know

High Intensive Exercise

This is the secret of how to lower A1C quickly. What you have to do is doing the exercise at least 3 times a day. You don’t need to do it too long. Just take around 10 minutes a day to do the exercise. This treatment actually works for people who are suffered from diabetes type 2. Even, you can increase the exercise into 5 times a day. High intensive exercise successfully increases your heart rate level and it will be great to maintain your A1C level. To control the result well, you should consult with your doctor first before doing the high intensive exercise. Then, don’t forget to wear heart rate monitor. Just make sure that everything is under control and not overdo it. In fact, overdo high intensive exercise can be dangerous for diabetes sufferers.

Maintain Your Dinner

A1C level is increased because of what you eat. If you want to lower your A1C level or even to keep it in normal level, you should maintain what you eat. Just carefully maintain your dinner. It is better for diabetes sufferers not to eat a large dinner plate. Instead of doing it, you can start with a small portion of salad. Salad is a good option because it makes you full enough without increasing A1C level. It consists of various vegetables and it looks a lot on a small plate. Try this trick and look how this simple trick can lower or keep your A1C normal.

Whole Foods are a Good Option

Some people tend to choose to eat fruits and vegetables in the form of juice. Actually, it is okay but it will be great if you eat the whole foods. The significant different is on its fiber. Whole fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which is useful for your health. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables juice is low level of fiber. In fact, fiber is very important for diabetes sufferers because it slows the way your body absorbs sugar. Moreover, fiber can also make you feel full longer and definitely it stabilizes your A1C level.

Try to Sleep Well

Sleeping well it means you are sleeping enough and it has to be high quality sleeping. It is suggested for diabetes sufferers to sleep around 6.5 hours up to 7.5 hours. By getting enough sleeping time, you can control the level of A1C. In different case, there is a significant different between people who are suffered from diabetes and they are sleeping less than the average hour. People who don’t have enough sleeping time can increase the level of A1C level significantly. So, this is the simple answer of how to lower A1C quickly and effectively as long as you don’t do it too much.

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