Lantus Solostar Pen Needles

Have you ever heard about Lantus Solostar pen needles? Nowadays, there are so many types of needles to help you inserting insulin to your body. But, not every pen needles are useful and can be used easily. Different from other pen needles, Lantus Solostar pen needles will really help you.

 advantages of Lantus Solostar pen needles

Read some information below to know more about the advantages of Lantus Solostar pen needles and the tips to use it.

The Use of Lantus Solostar Pen Needles

Diabetics need to control or manage their blood sugar levels with one shot of insulin a day. For diabetics, a shot may be a scared moment and can’t be done easily without help from other people. Some diabetics may ask a doctor to inject them with insulin. But, remember that you need insulin shot every day. It means you have to know how to inject yourself with insulin. Actually, insulin shot can be done easily by using Lantus Solostar pen needles.

Yes, Lantus Solostar pen needles can be used easily to insert insulin into your body. There are so many advantages of Lantus Solostar pen needles. First, Lantus Solostar has thin needle. It means insulin shot will not be very painful. Thin needle will reduce uncomfortable feeling during shot. So, you will be brave when injecting yourself with insulin.

Other advantage of Lantus Solostar pen needles is large print dosing window. With large print dosing window, you can see the dose of insulin easily on that window. Compare to vial and syringe, Lantus Solostar pen needles are easy to use whenever you need.

How to Use Lantus Solostar Pen Needles

We know that Lantus Solostar pen needles are useful to help inserting insulin into your body. Before using it, you have to know the sites for injecting insulin. There are some parts of body that can be the sites for insulin shot, those are upper arm, abdomen, and thighs. Because you need insulin shot every day, you can rotate areas each time you inject a dose.

Before injecting insulin, make sure you have applied alcohol on the site. Wait until your skin dry before injecting insulin. After injecting and pressing the button, you can count to 10 before taking the needle. When you will inject a new dose, make sure you have changed the needle by new needle. It will avoid you from infection and other bad risk.

There is other tip for you when using Lantus Solostar pen needles. After injecting insulin, make sure you don’t rub the injection spot. It is done to avoid bad risk. And remember that you can inject dose in thighs, upper arm or abdomen. Don’t use some site to inject more than one dose. Using same spot may cause uncomfortable feeling on injection spot.

Well, those are some information for you about Lantus Solostar pen needles. We can conclude that Lantus Solostar pen needles are good choice to inject insulin into your body. For diabetics, Lantus Solostar pen needles are so helpful. With Lantus Solostar pen needles, injection time will not be scared moment anymore.

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