The Lantus Solostar Side Effects

Lantus Solostar side effects may cause serious health issues. Lantus is insulin glargine product made for people with diabetes. Insulin is a natural substance that allows the body to use sugar in your daily diet. This medicine replaces your body’s insulin that is no longer produced, so it can lower your blood sugar which certainly can prevent you from the possibility of kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, and loss of limbs. Controlling blood sugar levels can also help prevent sexual function problems. Proper diabetes control can also reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

you have concerns about Lantus Solostar side effects.

Lantus Solostar Side Effects

Function and use of Lantus Solostar

Lantus is a drug commonly used with proper dietary patterns and physical exercise programs to control blood sugar levels. This drug is intended for patients with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependence) and type 2 diabetes patients. This drug is a man made remedy that looks similar to human insulin. And this drug works faster and does not last as long as ordinary insulin.

Do not inject this medicine cold because it will hurt. The place to put this medicine should be located or stored at room temperature (see the storage rules). Wash your hands before measuring and injecting this medicine. Before treatment, check your product to see if there is any foreign substance or discoloration. If any of these are present, do not use this medicine. This drug should be clear and colorless. To avoid drug damage, do not shake the storage bottle of this drug.

Side effects due to misuse

The dose of this drug can be determined based on your health condition and the body’s response to treatment. Prevent the dose with caution as a slight dose change can affect your blood sugar levels. If you use a cartridge or other device in drug injection, place the screen pointer upwards so that you can see clearly, if you point the screen down, you may be mistaking the number of drug injections.

Most people who take this drug have no serious side effects, but some are noticed of having side effects such itching, redness, swelling, or even pain. The effects disappear in a few moments (days or weeks) depend on how bad it is.

Hypoglycemia is can be experienced by those who had too much insulin. Less number of calories will also cause the abnormal blood sugar rate. It can be controlled by using sugar or glucose tablets. The consumption of the sugar or glucose tablets must be controlled strictly. Meanwhile, less insulin is something bad though. Less dose of insulin may cause high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are dangerous for diabetic people. Those will lead to worse health condition; some are fatal. Another side effect of Lantus is hypokalemia. Hypokalemia happens when the blood contains low potassium levels.

The late treatment of the side effects leads to serious allergic reaction. Not everyone has this side effect. There may be some side effects not mentioned above. Ask for advice from doctor or pharmacist if you have concerns about Lantus Solostar side effects.

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