Low Carb Candy List for Fewer Carbohydrate Consumption

Everyone loves to eat candy. However, it will be quite different for you who really consider the amount of carbohydrate that you should consume each day. You need to be quite picky with some types of candy.

low carb candy list above


Most of candy contains quite high amount of carbohydrates. For you who still want to eat candy, you need to find low carb candy. Commonly, instead of using sugar, low carb candy will use sugar alcohol that will contain fewer carbohydrate.

Here is low carb candy list that can be a good option for you :

Xylitol Canada: Xyla-Xylitol Candy

Low Carb Candy List is Xylitol Canada: Xyla-Xylitol Candy


For you who looks for low carb candy, Xylitol candy is a type of candy than contain very low carbohydrate. It contains only 0.4g carbohydrate. It doesn’t contain any fat, cholesterol, Sodium, sugar, vitamin and protein.

It is purely sweeteners. It is believed that Xylitol will not raise blood sugar level and it will improve dental health. You may wonder how it can be. It is because xylitol use sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is different from sugar.

Unlike conventional sugar that contains high amount of calories, carbohydrates, and others, sugar alcohol will taste like sugar but has fewer calories and carbohydrate.  There are some tastes that provided by this candy such as original mint, grapes, lime, cherry, cocoa mint and fruit punch.

Dr. John: Sweet Advantage

Low Carb Candy List is Dr. John: Sweet Advantage


Almost same with Xylitol, product by Dr. John can be a good option to be put in your low carb candy list. This kind of candy only contains 2g carbohydrate. It also doesn’t contain any other nutrients such as fat, Cholesterol, sodium, protein, sugar, and fiber.

Similar with xylitol, this product also use Sugar Alcohol to produce sweet taste without producing too much carbohydrate. This sugar is also gluten free. So it is totally safe and healthy enough to be consume for you who has gluten intolerance. This candy is in a form of small tablet and it taste like melon.

Werther’s Original: Original Caramel Hard Candies

Low Carb Candy List is Werther’s Original


Werther’s original produces original caramel hard candies that can be put in your low carb candy list. This kind of candy contains few carbohydrates. It is only 4g Carbohydrates that contains in this candy. It is made of 4g sugar alcohols.

For each candy that you eat, there will be only 0.4g fat, 25mg sodium and 15 calories per gram. This candy doesn’t contain any protein, Cholesterol, or sugar. This candy tastes like caramel with hard texture.

Sunkist Sours with Vitamin C

Low Carb Candy List is Sunkist Sours with Vitamin C


Sunkist is also kind of candy that you should consider in your low carb candy list. In the nutrient fact, you can see that this candy only contains 2g carbohydrate that is produced by 2g sugar alcohol. It is also only containing 5 calories per gram. Sunkist doesn’t contain any fat, cholesterol, sodium, or protein.

Sunkist is also gluten free candy. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of sweet and sours orange and also other taste like mango, pineapple, raspberry, lemonade,

Atkinson: Peanut Butter Bars  Candy

Low Carb Candy List is Atkinson: Peanut Butter Bars Candy


Atkinson produces peanut butter bars candy that also contains less than 10g carbohydrates. It only contains 8g carbohydrates that are produced by the use of 8g sugar alcohol. Due to the use of peanut and butter, this candy contains 1.5g fat, 20mg sodium and 1g protein. This candy doesn’t contain any sugar and cholesterol.

That is low carb candy list that can be a good option for you. Hopefully, this list can help you to find the most suitable low carb candy for you. So, you don’t have to worry about ruining your daily carb diet while enjoying the candy.

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