Best Low Carb Ice Cream Brands

Everyone loves ice cream, but ice cream is not safe for everyone. With its high calorie and sugar content and mixings that mostly contain a large amount of sugar, such as caramel, chocolate and cookies, ice cream certainly has damaging effect, and the damage is much worse for diabetics, who cannot control sugar level in their blood, and for people with weight problem. If only the sugar content can be significantly reduced, especially because it cannot be eliminated, the ice cream will definitely be a delicious treat that is relatively harmless. Fortunately, low carb ice cream brands are indeed present.

If you don’t want to skip your exciting ice cream time when you are in a strict low-carb diet, take a look at ice cream brands below as they might be the sources of your consolation when you are suppressing sugar and carb intake.

Arctic Zero

Low Carb Ice Cream Brands is arctic zero

If you only need a treat to cool down your hot summer day, Arctic Zero ice cream can be a reasonable choice among all available low carb ice cream brands. This ice cream is indeed cold and refreshing, but despite being called ice cream, it barely tastes creamy, perhaps because it doesn’t contain fat and cream, only whey protein concentrate.

There are various flavors available, but again, your palate may not be able to detect them accurately and distinguishing one flavor from the others might be difficult. If you don’t mind enjoying rather tasteless ice cream with zero sugar, zero fat, and only 5 grams of net carbs, try this treat.

Breyer’s CarbSmart

Low Carb Ice Cream Brands is Breyer’s CarbSmart

With only 5 grams of net carbs per serving, Breyer’s CarbSmart is comparable with Arctic Zero; however, it does taste much better with flavors that will really tickle your palate and creamy sensation that makes it a true ice cream.

Being one of the most delicious low carb ice cream brands, CarbSmart is available as a cup ice cream and a bar, with net carbs ranging from unbelievably low 3 grams if you choose fudge bar to 5 grams if you choose vanilla or vanilla and almond ice cream bar. Other options include vanilla and chocolate cup with 4 grams of net carbs.

So Delicious No Sugar Added Dairy-Free

Low Carb Ice Cream Brands is So Delicious No Sugar Added Dairy-Free

This is one of few low carb ice cream brands that are great not only for sugar avoiders, but also for people who live a dairy-free life. This ice cream consists mostly of vegetables. Even its sweetener is made up from vegetable glycerin, chicory root and erythritol.

Therefore, although it is a “no sugar added” ice cream, it tastes quite great. There are various flavors available, and every flavor gives vegetable hint that gives refreshing sensation.

Blue Bunny’s “Sweet Freedom”

Low Carb Ice Cream Brands is  Blue Bunny’s “Sweet Freedom”

The amount of net carbs of Sweet Freedom ice cream might be twice as large as that of other low carb ice cream brands listed here, but it is still categorized as a low-carb ice cream product. There are four flavors available, including vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, and butter pecan.

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