Treatment for Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet

the treatment for Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Fee

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition caused by a nerve disorder. This disorder will involve the autonomic, sensory, and motor nerves. This disorder also involves the size of the nerve fibers. This is a condition that makes you experience numbness, weakness, pain, and tingling in the legs or hands. This condition is called Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet. Actually, diabetes has been the most common cause of this disorder.

If the disorder is not caused by diabetes, then this disease can be caused by exposure to toxins, infections, vitamin levels abnormalities, and injury. Doctors require assessment of the patient as a whole to provide appropriate treatment. This disorder occurs in the body other than the spinal cord and brain. This disorder has different symptoms because it depends on the type of nerve that gets the disorder.

the treatment for Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Fee

Autonomic nerves function to control the body unnoticed by humans. The function consists of regulating heart rate, digestive system, and so forth. If the nerve gets disturbed, then you will lose the function of the autonomic nerves. These symptoms consist of sweaty body, irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, and so forth.

The cranial nerves are impaired because the blood flow to the optic nerve has disappeared. This is a rare disorder that can occur in some patients. Neuropathy can interfere with specific nerves. Usually, these symptoms will attack your wrist. The ulnar nerve is found in the elbow so your elbow becomes numb. You will feel pain while sitting on the toilet. Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet can be treated with some of the treatments listed below.

Treatment Plan

Doctors should know the cause of the neurological disorder before treatment. The cause is the main guide to determine the treatment of this disease. The right step is to prevent more severe damage than before. Nerve damage can make other diseases worse. The doctor should know the other abnormal symptoms experienced by the patient. The doctor will perform a blood test to determine the cause of the disorder. Perhaps patients also need other diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the disease. If the test is tested positive, then the doctor can make a treatment plan in accordance with the results of the blood test.


Actually, this nervous disorder can be treated with a variety of drugs. The first treatment aims to treat symptoms that fall into the mild category. Treatment of pain can be treated with ordinary drugs in pharmacies. Doctors can ingest narcotic drugs like opiates to treat pain in severe levels. Doctors can also provide anti-seizure medication to treat the symptoms. This drug is effective but doctors do not know how the drug works. Pain relief medication will be given to the patient. Patients can also get medications to reduce depression.

Physical Therapy

This is a useful therapy for treating the symptoms of neurological disorders. Patients will be taught to train the strength and control of the body so as to increase muscle strength. Physical therapists may use braces to improve the nerves that are affected by the disease. Physical therapy can provide benefits for all the disorders.

That’s the treatment for Non Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet. There are many treatment options so you should discuss your options with your doctor. You may not decide on unilateral treatment. Doctors also should not choose a treatment plan without hearing the opinions of patients.

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