Fruits Combinations for the Nutribullet Recipes for Diabetics

Nutribullet recipes for diabetics come in various types that you could try. However, sometimes people still do not get a deep understanding about it. Since it often goes with the term of nutribullet smoothies, people might think that it is the ordinary smoothies, which could harm the health of diabetic people. However, by using the Nutribullet, you could control what kinds of ingredients as the composition of your smoothie.

you could also try the previous combination of fruits and veggies for your own nutribullet recipes for diabetics

Fruits often used in the Nutribullet recipes for diabetics

The common ingredients used are green vegetables, any kinds of fruits, seeds, as well as nuts. It is because all of these ingredients have numerous nutrients needed by the body. The combination between vegetables and fresh fruit is the most favorite one for diabetic people because it has no fat. Moreover, it contains fewer calories but has high level of fiber, minerals, as well as vitamins.

Some combinations that you could try are, first, the kale and the coconut oil. You could add many veggies on this smoothie as well. The nutty goji berry and the chard also could be a perfect smoothie for diabetic people. It has low level of sugar also carbs. The strawberry smoothie also worth to try since it only has no more than 10 g of sugar. It provides low carbs but offer high level of nutrients. The combination between kiwi and pineapple also has little amount of sugar that is safe for your health.

How to make one of the Nutribullet recipes for diabetics

Maintaining health through nutribullet is a very good life style to keep. Besides giving well treatment for diabetic people, Nutribullet also could be the right health companion for many other diseases. Those diseases are obesity, cancer, and hypertension as well.

At this time, we will explain briefly about how to make nutribullet recipes for diabetics using honeydew melon and strawberries.  For one serving, you need to prepare ½ cup of honeydew melon (slice it into cubes), ½ cup of strawberries (better use the frozen one, then slice it to halves), 1 handful of fresh spinach, ½ cup of Greek yogurt (between the vanilla or natural, you can go with the one you like the most) also water. Put them all, except the spinach, in the Nutribullet then process it for about 10 until 12 minutes. When it already mixed well, pour it in a glass. Use the spinach as a garnish. After that, you could enjoy this healthy and delicious drink.

When you drink this drink, you give a lot of nutrition to your body. This drink has carbohydrate of 20.3 mg. The total fat of this drink is only 1.7 g, while the total cholesterol is about 7.0 mg. the sugar on this drink is around 16.1 mg and the protein is 9.4mg. The highest nutrition in this drink is the sodium with the number of 113.0 mg followed by energy of 146 calories, while the important dietary fiber has the number of 18 g. besides this recipe, you could also try the previous combination of fruits and veggies for your own nutribullet recipes for diabetics.

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