Treat Edema with Over The Counter Diuretics

discuss about Over The Counter Diuretics

For you who suffer from Edema, you might be familiar with over the counter diuretics.  It is believed to be one of solution for Edema. Edema is a condition when the water balance in your body is disrupted and the body retains or stores too much water.

It can produce swelling in some parts of your body such as legs, ankles, feet, face, hand and other parts of body. This condition can also influence blood vessel and increase the high blood pressure.

discuss about Over The Counter Diuretics

Edema can be caused by many factors, but commonly it is symptom of other conditions or diseases such heart, kidney, and liver diseases.  In order to treat person who have too much water in the body, Over the counter diuretics is commonly used.

What is it? How can it treat edema? We are going to discuss and try to answer those questions :

Over The Counter Diuretics

Over the counter diuretics is a type of treatment that is given for somebody who have excess water in the body or for you who suffer from edema. Basically, it will promote your body to get rid of water retention through urination.

Over the counter diuretic works by making the kidney to produce more sodium in the urine. When the amount of sodium is increased, our body system will try to balance the situation by transferring more fluid to urine during the urine formation.

The amount of water that transferred to urine and when you urinate the water, it will decrease the amount of water in our body.

Type of Diuretics

There are three classifications of diuretics that can help your body excrete the excess water through urine:

1. Thiazide Diuretic

Thiazide Diuretic is the most common diuretic that is prescribed and used by people. This type of diuretic can help you decrease water in your body. Moreover, it can treat high blood pressure that is cause by water retention.

Thiazide works by inhibiting the reabsorption of some sodium and water. It can increase the volume of urine and the frequency of urination. By urinating more volume of urine, it will decrease the water that retained in our body.

2. Loop Diuretic

Loop diuretic is work almost similarly with Thiazide Diuretic. Loop Diuretic will inhibit some symporters such as Sodium, Potassium and chloride to be reabsorbed into the blood stream. By inhibiting those symporters, the body will transfer more water to urine.

It will decrease amount of water that is retained in our body. Commonly, loop diuretic is used to treat edema which is symptom of heart failure

3. Potassium-sparing diuretic

While other types of diuretic will make potassium also excreted through the urination, potassium-sparing diuretic will not make you lose potassium. Unlike other types of diuretic that inhibit almost all symporters, included potassium, Potassium will not inhibit potassium to be reabsorbed into the blood stream. Potassium is important nutrient that needed by our body.

Those are some information about what over the counter diuretic are, its function and the type of diuretic. Hopefully this information can help you who suffer from edema. It is recommended that you consult to doctor before using that medication to prevent possible side effects.

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