The Safety For Use or Sell Expired Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetes is one of the diseases that are currently very common and can be at risk to anyone and at all age levels. Therefore, there are currently available diabetes test kits in the form of strips that can be used to monitor blood sugar levels in your blood. However, one of the drawbacks of these test kits is that the price is very expensive for some people, so nowadays many people decide to use or sell expired diabetic test strips. So in this article will be discussed thoroughly about diabetes and most importantly the security in using or selling expired test equipment.

the safety in sell expired diabetic test strips.

The Risk on Person With Diabetic

Diabetes is one type of chronic disease because it can be suffered in a long period of time and can cause sugar levels in a person’s blood far above the normal limit. Sugar or glucose itself is one of the most important compounds for the body because it serves as the main food source for the human brain.

But the opposite will happen if the glucose levels in the blood far above the normal limit. It will cause a variety of discomfort even if not handled properly and correctly, excessive glucose can cause damage to the organs of the body. Diabetes itself is divided into two types: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is quite rare because it is one of the unique cases where white blood cells as the body’s defense system attack the pancreatic cells as insulin-producing cells that will control sugar levels in the blood.

Furthermore, type 2 diabetes is one of the common types of diabetes in which the symptoms that occur in the sufferer is not very significant when compared with type 1. In general, type 2 diabetes is caused by unproductive pancreatic cells in the production of insulin or the body’s responsive level of insulin began decreasing.

Therefore, people with diabetes either type 1 or type 2 are required to always check the blood sugar levels to always be able to manage diet and lifestyle well. So many patients who decide to use a strip test, unfortunately, it can not be done by all diabetics because of the price of an expensive test kit. Therefore many people who sell expired test equipment but whether sell expired diabetic test strips may be done?

The Safest Way To Use An Expired Strips

This test kit is very useful because it can change the blood droplets at the end of the strips into a numerical reading which is a result of chemical reactions that occur in the layer of the test equipment. Therefore, the use of this test kit is required for every diabetic.

However, the expensive price sometimes makes it difficult for people to have it. So many are buying test kits that have expired because the price is cheaper. Based on various medical studies, the use of expired test kits can still be tolerated because it does not show a significant difference with the new test kits. The limit of expiration that can still tolerate is maximum reach 2 years. So the use or sell o expired test diabetic strips is still allowed. Even so, it’s good that once in a few weeks you are required to keep using new test kits.

Thus this article hopefully can be useful information about the safety in sell expired diabetic test strips.

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