The List of Strongest OTC Pain Reliever to Reduce Pain Faster

Strongest Otc pain reliever list products

Strongest Otc pain reliever products are various and it is a must for you to get the best one. By using the best OTC pain reliever product, you can reduce uncomfortable condition and pain faster. At the same time, you don’t need to face more problems as the side effects of the product. So, what kind of OTC pain reliever products you should consider?

Strongest Otc pain reliever list products


Ibuprofen is considered as the strongest Otc pain reliever. This product is useful to reduce pain, fever, and swelling. You just need to use the product by the time you feel uncomfortable or chronic pain. This pain reliever will reduce the pain around 30 minutes up to 60 minutes after taking it.

One thing to consider is that you should eat your meal before consuming Ibuprofen. It is important to prevent upset stomach or any kind of unwanted side effects. It is also not allowed for those who have kidney disorder because this product can hurt your kidney.

This is also the reason why you have to follow the instruction straightly to keep your kidney safe. This product can reduce your pain around 89% and it becomes the reason why people take this as the main option. Commonly, this product is offered as Advil or Motrin.


Aspirin or Sodium Bicarbonate is also an effective pain reliever. Aspirin is a product which can reduce you pain whereas sodium bicarbonate is useful to reduce heartburn and indigestion. This product is for adult only.

What you need to know that aspirin is not allowed for children under 12 years old. This is concerning to the fact that aspirin can poison their liver especially if you consume it without following the instruction. The key is following the instruction straightly without consuming it too much.

Slowly but sure your pain will be reduced, it makes you get your comfort back. It works well and you can choose aspirin if you can’t find Ibuprofen.


Some people tend to use acetaminophen to reduce pain and fever although it is considered as a weak anti inflammatory product. Because of its weakness level, this product works an hour after you take it. Don’t consume it too much because it affects your liver so follow the instruction straightly.

If you read a product namely Tylenol you may buy it because it is the popular name.


If you want some more references, you can also take Naproxen to relieve pain. It is also included on the list of strongest Otc pain reliever due to its benefits. This product reduces pain, swelling, and fever. You can feel the result 30 minutes after taking this product.

The best way to consume Naproxen is eating meal or snack first to prevent upset stomach problem. It is also a must not to consume this product is you are suffered from kidney problem. Don’t mix this pain reliever with different type of medicine such as aspirin except it is recommended by your doctor to prevent serious side effects.

Now, you have at least 4 different references to consider. You may take those pain relievers as long as you are in a good health or your doctor allows you to do so. Hopefully, by learning about strongest Otc pain reliever products above you can relieve your pain right away.

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