Get To Know The Symptoms Of Diabetic Foot Pain

Do you know the symptoms of diabetic foot pain? Diabetes is one of the diseases out there that are deadly and is mostly suffered by those who are of old age. However, it does not mean that younger people do not have a chance of developing the disease either. Getting treated as soon as possible is important, and that is why it is beneficial for you to learn the symptoms of diabetes.

you must be aware of the symptoms of diabetic foot pain

Causes Of Diabetic Foot Pain

The bad condition caused by blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and uncontrolled blood pressure usually attacks the innermost layer of blood vessels and at the end, it causes complications to organs or certain body parts where those blood vessels run through. One of the implication is complications on the foot or what is medically known as the diabetic foot which causes symptoms of diabetic foot pain.

The flow of blood to the foot is often disturbed, leading to a peripheral blood vessel disease on the foot. This blood vessel becomes narrower because of the accumulation of fat. However, those who suffer from diabetes do not feel pain or heat due to this narrowing, which causes an infection to develop without the sufferer being aware of it.

Other than poor blood circulation, another cause of diabetic foot pain is nerve damage which results from high blood sugar levels for a long time. The nerve damage makes the sensitivity level of diabetes patients toward pain to decrease, so patients do not realize that their foot is injured.

Symptoms of Diabetic Foot Pain

Callus or the thickening of skin which attacks the sole of the foot especially the protuberant parts of the foot is one of the symptoms of the diabetic foot. The cause of callus is the presence of friction as well as repeated pressure in the same area. Other than that, it can also be caused by an excess of weight, shoes that do not fit the footwell, as well as skin abnormalities. The callus will develop into an infection, especially if you cut or pick on it.

Another symptom of diabetic foot is blistering skin. This usually happens when there is a friction between the shoe and the foot in the same area. The cause of it is shoes that are too small as well as the use of shoes without socks. The foot will become blistered which will cause an infection. The best way to treat blistering skin is to avoid pressing it and popping it.

Toenails that grow inward is also a symptom of diabetic foot pain causes a pressure that can tear the skin of the foot causing redness which is accompanied by swelling and infection.

Dry and cracked skin of the foot can also be caused by nerve damage on the foot, which leads to a decrease of sweat production by the skin of the foot which should keep the skin soft and moist. The presence of cracked skin can cause germs to enter which triggers an infection. With high blood sugar levels, germs can be well nourished causing it to continually develop and the infection to worsen, which is why you must be aware of the symptoms of diabetic foot pain.

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