T Slim Insulin Pump Reviews: Pros and Cons

will share about T Slim insulin pump reviews ?

T Slim insulin pump is one advantageous pump, which is also the smallest pump you can find. Besides that, this pump also becomes the only pup, which is compatible with Dexco G5. If you want to know more about this product, here this article will share about T Slim insulin pump reviews.

will share about T Slim insulin pump reviews ?

Features of T Slim Insulin Pump

T Slim Insulin Pump comes with many features. Some of them are:

  • Modern but simple and easy. This product uses touchscreen technology. It makes the user easier to operate this pump. For more information in this T Slim insulin pump reviews, it also comes in simple operation, which will give the ease of using; does not matter whether you are an experienced therapy or just a beginner. By using this product, you will be able to monitor the glucose in your body only through the screen. In other words, you will not need to prick your finger anymore if you perform your continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) through this product.
  • Well durability. This product uses aluminum as its ain material. As a result, it gives long durability properties, yet lightweight. The touchscreen of this product is also comes in well material. It uses shatter-resistant glass to give you more comfort and longer durability in using it. Moreover, this product also completed with watertight features. It will give more convenience for any people as they do not need to worry when this product gets wet.
  • Advanced feature. This pump has the capability of adding the CGM integration from personal computer. Integrated micro USB port is also another convenience offered by this product to the consumers. Besides that, the data transfer of this pump also will not make the user waste much time, as it proceed in fast transfer rate.

Pros of this product

Besides the features, there are still more benefits you can enjoy from this product :

  • This product completed with micro delivery, which guarantee the safety feature.
  • The software is compatible for both Mac as well as PC.
  • People will find it easy to find the insulin on board (IOB), as it located on the lock screen as well as the front menu.
  • The screen timeout of this product completed with memory.

Cons of this product

Even though this pump offered you with many undeniable features, there are still some lacks, which you may need to consider about this product.

  • The first is about the confirmation on the screen. Some people think that the amounts of it is too much, which can be a hassle for them.
  • Priming time. This pump seems to take a little bit longer time to prime compared to other pumps.
  • In relation with the priming, the cartridge and the connector of this product tends to cause bubbles. In result, it can lead to difficult priming.
  • For the last information on this T Slim insulin pump reviews, this product approved only for Humalog as well as Novolog insulin. Apidra does not count on this.

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