What Can Diabetics Drink ?

What Can Diabetics Drink, you try such water

What can diabetics drink ? That question may be asked by you who are diabetic or suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition when your body cannot handle high blood sugar level. It happens when your body cannot produce enough insulin, which is hormone that can control blood sugar level in our body. In order to control the blood sugar level, diabetics need to be aware about what they consume.

What Can Diabetics Drink, if you are diabetics you can drink such water

When we talk about diabetes, commonly people will relate it with something that they eat. Indeed, there many foods that we consume containing carbohydrates and glucoses that may affect our blood sugar. However, how about what we drink. Does it also significantly affect our blood sugar? Yes, it does. Sometime we think that being aware of what we eat is enough, but we forget about what we drink. In fact, you can get glucoses from what you drink as high as what you eat. Therefore, we are going to discuss what diabetics can drink in order to control their blood sugar.

Basically, for what you drink, diabetics should avoid any beverages that contain additional sugars or sweeteners and high-calorie drink. Every drink that contains both elements will potentially affect your blood sugar. So, what can diabetics drink? There are some types of drinks that are good to be consumed by diabetics.


What Can Diabetics Drink, you try such water

Water, plain water, or mineral water is believed to be the best drink for diabetic. Water will not increase you blood sugar level. When someone suffers from diabetes, dehydration can be a serious issue that should be considered. Water can help diabetics to prevent dehydration. Water can also help diabetics reduce excess glucose through urine. So diabetics need to drink enough water every day. It is recommended that women should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, and men should drink at least 10 glasses of water each day. Some people say that plain water can be quite boring. To overcome that problem you can add some slice or lemon, lime, orange, or flavorful herbs into the water. Ensure that you don’t put any sweeteners into the water.

Tea and Coffee

 what can diabetics drink? water

It is believed that tea and coffee can potentially lower the risk of high blood sugar level. Green tea also can also help reduce high blood level and cholesterol.  We can consume tea and coffee for 2-4 glasses each day. We also need to ensure that we don’t put any sweeteners such as sugar, milk, or cream into the tea and coffee.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

What Can Diabetics Drink ? vegatbale juice

Fruit and Vegetable juice is very good to our body. It contains minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are needed by our body. However, for diabetic, there are some things that should be considered before consuming juice. Some fruit and vegetable juices have contained their natural sweeteners. They also contain carbohydrates and calories. Therefore, we don’t need to put any addition sweeteners into the juice. It is recommended that we consume 1-2 glasses each day.

Those are some types of drink that can be consumed safely for diabetic. So, what can diabetics drink? Basically, every drink that don’t have or contain any addition sweeteners can be consumed safely for diabetics. Hopefully, this information will be a good reference for you, especially who suffer from diabetes.

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