What is Lactose Free Milk? Do You Know?

What is lactose free milk, do you know? Your simple answer may be a kind of milk that doesn’t contain of lactose. Lactose, as we know is the sugar in milk that needs lactase enzyme that normal people secretes. Some people have only small amount of lactase that they cannot digest the sugar of milk normally. So, they need lactose-free milk.

the article about what is lactose free milk


However, you cannot mixed-up between lactose intolerance and milk allergy. People allergic to milk will react negatively to one or more of the proteins in milk. People with milk allergy may react differently to milk and they will probably have stomach discomfort, hives, and full-fledged swelling.

Some people can even die because of milk. People intolerant to milk will suffer from digestive discomfort and diarrhea. They cannot break down lactose. So, what are benefits of lactose-free milk?

The best things about lactose-free milk

  • It is digestible. It won’t fill the bowels with gas or excess fluid. It will ease the bloating and diarrhea. Those with Crohn’s disease should consume this kind of milk.
  • It can ease Colic. Like milk, lactose-free milk contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so it is good for your baby with colic. The colic will be gone, and your baby will still be healthy with this lactose-free milk.
  • If in some reasons, women cannot breastfeed their baby, the lactose-free milk is the best choice, especially if the baby has colic. The baby and the mothers can both consume lactose-free milk. So, the development of the baby’s teeth, muscles and bone will be great.

By knowing those things mentioned before, people with lactose intolerance won’t be worried of not having strong bones, teeth, and muscles anymore. If you still wonder of how people make lactose-free milk, here are the ways.

How is lactose-free milk made?

  • People can make lactose-free milk by adding enzyme lactase to milk. However, the enzyme still exists, so it needs to be pasteurized to make the enzyme inactive.
  • People also can make lactose-free milk by passing milk over lactase. Here, the milk contains galactose and sugar glucose still, but the enzyme is gone.
  • To separate lactose from milk, people can do ultra-filtration technique and membrane fractionation. This is a complete process of removing the sugar.

What is lactose free milk? Surely, you are more well-informed about this kind of milk now. What else should we know about lactose-free milk?

More about Lactose-free milk

The taste of lactose-free milk is different from the regular one. The taste is sweeter than the regular one although the sugar in the milk is cut.  This is because the taste receptors make the galactose and the glucose sweeter than lactose. The one processed in ultra-pasteurization tastes so different because of the extra heat in the preparation. Can we make our own lactose milk? Yes. Below is the way to do it.

Home-made lactose-free milk

All you have to do is just add lactase into milk. The amount of lactose-free milk depends on how much lactase you add and how long the process is. The full process takes twenty-four hours. The length of the process also depends of the level of allergy. If you are not really allergic, the length of the process can be decreased. It is great if the article about what is lactose free milk makes you more aware of your health.

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