What Is Oat Fiber and its Function for Diabetes

What is oat fiber?find answer in this article

For you who suffer from diabetes, you need to really consider foods that you consume. Diabetes is condition that your body cannot control blood sugar level. Commonly, it is caused by inability of your body to produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar level.

For foods, you need to choose healthy foods that have low level of sugar because foods that contain too much sugar will also increase the level of blood sugar in our body. There are many options of healthy foods or product that you choose to support your healthy.

What is oat fiber?find answer in this article

One of the products is called oat fiber.  What is oat fiber? Does it help for person who suffers from diabetes? We are trying to answer those questions.

What Is Oat Fiber?

So, what is oat fiber?  Oat fiber is a food product that made of oat. It is soluble fiber that produced by oat. Commonly, it will be in form of powder and can be added or mixed to other processed foods. Oat fiber contains fiber that needed by our body.

In our body, fiber is very beneficial in our digestive system. It is also believed that fiber can help you in preventing many diseases. Because it is made of oat, oat fiber also contains many valuable and healthy contents of oat such as calories, protein, fiber, vitamin, minerals and other nutrients.

Oat is used and consumed by many people in their daily diet because it can lower the cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is believed that oat can help people lose weight.

Oat Fiber and Diabetes

Is oat fiber good for person who suffers from diabetes? Yes, it is. Oat fiber is believed can help you lower and control the blood sugar level. There are some factors that can explain why oat fiber is good to lower and control the blood sugar level.

First, oat fiber contains low glycemic index (GI). Low glycemic index can help you control your appetite and also blood sugar level. That is why people who consume any products that contain oat will feel full faster and longer. By controlling your appetite well, you can decrease the opportunity of your body to absorb too much sugar.

Second, oat fiber also contains beta-glucan which is powerful soluble fiber. Besides reducing cholesterol level, beta-glucan can help you control the blood sugar level. Beta-glucan will work in our digestive system. It will slow down the digestion. Beta-glucan will make the body take longer time to digest the foods. It means that the body will also take longer time to absorb the sugar. This condition will help you prevent the blood sugar spike and control the blood sugar.

Don’t hesitate to use oat fiber in your daily diet because it provides fiber and other nutrients that can support your health, reduce the cholesterol level and more importantly, it can help you control your blood sugar level. So what is oat fiber? And what is the function of oat fiber, especially for you who suffer from diabetes? Hopefully, the information above can help you answers those question.

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