What Is The Right Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication?

can be uses for Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication treatment

Find the right Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication will prevent diabetes pain. Diabetic neuropathy is some of complications that occur in people with diabetes. When diabetes is not treated well, then the long term effect can causes diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic nerve pain is identifying as numbness or tingling that occurs in fingers, feet, toes, and hands. The pain is occur in mild at first, but when it not treated well, then can get worse over time and then spread up to the arms and legs.  There are about 10-20% people that have diabetes has diabetic nerve pain. Nerve damage can causes sleep disturb, decrease the life quality and depression.

can be uses for Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication treatment

What drug that work best for treat diabetic nerve pain?

When the damage nerves occur, then it is unable to replace or fixed. However, there is several ways that able; to practice for prevent the further damage and often are benefit for relieve the pain. First is always control blood sugar level to prevent the progress of damages nerves.

Discuss with your doctor and learn to manage it. Doctor may suggest to lower blood sugar level before take meals into 70 to 130 mg/dl and after meals into less from 180 mg/dl. Combination of healthy diet, regular exercise, and medication can help to decrease the blood sugar level to healthier number.

In addition, the diabetic people should also lower the risk factor such as stop smoking, overweight and less physical activity.  The Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication that doctor might recommend such as over the counter pain reliever or the prescription medicine.

The over the counter that doctor suggest such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen. Always take the medication suit with the dosage that your doctor recommends. To control the nerve pain symptom, then use always low dosage.

Optional Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication

There are several optional long term or stronger diabetic nerve pain that doctor might suggest to you. However, when you take these medications always take consultation with your doctor.

  • Antidepressant. This is common for treat depression. The antidepressant has prescribed to treat diabetic nerve pain as this interferes to brain that cause feeling pain. The medicine can be imipramine, desipramine, or amitriptyline.

  • Anti-seizure drugs. Drugs that use for prevent the epileptic seizure also able to use for treat diabetic nerve pain.

  • Opioid pain medicines. The strong drug such as oxycodone and the opioid medicine such as conzip and ultram are able to treat for stronger and worst pain. However, these medications tend to be the last option for treat diabetic nerve pain. These drugs are not for long term relief because this has side effect and make addiction. Use the caution when use this treatment.

There also several therapies that believed can improve the diabetic nerve pain. The physical therapy such as swimming is able to treat diabetic nerve pain. The other alternative such as low impact exercises is the most effective treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

However, prevent the high impact exercises as it can cause numb nerves soon.  The therapies such as acupuncture, biofeedback, supplement and meditation can be uses for Diabetic Nerve Pain Medication treatment.

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